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REVIEW: 186 Line Influence 105 - 11/12

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Length Tested: 186 cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  141-105-131 - 19.8m - 155cm effective edge

Camber : Traditional, Early Rise Tip/camber

Binding: STH 16 Driver

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:Mt Hood Meadows

Number of Runs:46

Snow Conditions:Powder, cut up powder, wind blown powder, sun baked powder, crud, snow covered groom, ice patches, bumps, grooms, piled up grooms

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:


Height/Weight: 5'9" 220 lbs

Ski Days/Season:60+

Years Skiing:3

Aggressiveness:  Aggressive(Driver)

Current Quiver:185 Line Influence 105, 191 Billygoat, 190 Armada Magic J

Home Area:Mt Hood

Preferred Terrain off-piste, trees


FWIW in search of a PNW daily driver for the season I was kicking around a couple of options. I knew I wanted some metal, I knew I wanted a bit of early rise, and I knew I wanted a more traditional mount as opposed to the more jib oriented ski I had been using. It had to be AROUND the 100mm in the waist mark. It was basically coming down to either the Bonafide, Prophet 98, or Influence 105. Long story short REI was blowing out the 105(unchanged this year) for 380 bucks online. I live literally next door to one, so shipped to the store with a free mount using bindings I already owned made it kind of a no brainer.


The Influence 105 is not the ski to buy if you are looking for a lot of personality. One of my shop friends called it the Toyota Camry. That is pretty much what I look for in a daily driver. The flex is moderate to stiff, and the metal matrix keeps the ski stable, damp, and predictable. It literally does not do anything surprising.


Groomers are fun, they have enough torsional stiffness to make sure edges hold firm when making turns prescribed by the sidecut of the ski. There is very little bobble in the mildly splayed tip. They will also make shorter radius turns, though not as clean as a ski meant for tight radius turns on the groom. High speed stability is there.


I have ski's heavy pow up to 6 inches. The influence makes very nice turns. Floats well due to the mild tip splay. I generally like a more dedicated pow ski in anything over 6 inches, especially because I know where to look for it to be deeper. But I would not hesitate, nor feel under gunned on a pow day with this ski.


I have spent most of my time on these in crud, cut up pow, sun baked pow, small bumps, etc. Typical PNW day. I have been taking some lessons to improve my technique, and gradually been able to see what these do well in conditions that I see the most. Small bumps are not an issue, the influence responds real well to proper technique in steeps. They reward dynamic skiing using the tips to initiate turns. They handle cut up, cruddy runouts at speed with ease, never bucking you. I would probably be a little better served to be on a smaller ski, but this is what I have and I have no issues making it work for me. A smaller skier may look to chose something shorter, and not as wide in the waist.


I would recommend this as either a western daily driver(for skiers who prefer a little girth), or even a pow ski. I'm sure that an eastern skier would enjoy these as a pow ski.


Again. This is not the most exciting ski on the market. It just ski's really well, and predictable.

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Interesting. I've got a new pair of the 11/12 115's in my basement, probably won't pull them out til I go to BC next month. 

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