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Move along F1, Mr. Schumacher...IT'S HOCKEY TIME!

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All right, this years thread begins....gentleman (and ladies) start your engines!
All but one canadian team is in! Jeremy Roenick is back! Todd Bertuzzi is unjustly sitting it out! The war of Ontario is upon us!.....this just in, Cujo is a sieve and should be traded! Ryan wants a Quacker!.....
There that should get us started! Go Canada....Go original 6! Gooooooo Hockey!
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come on, robin, tell me you're being gratuitously incendiary with that bertuzzi take. or are you saying it was "clean, called for and part of the game"?

I tell ya, if there were less of that shet going on, i'd be someone who could get seriously interested in hockey.

i tried to be objective and listen to bettman's words when he was on rome's radio show awhile back but found it a big reach when he was trying to compare the innate violence of the NFL (big fast strong player-objects colliding) and pitchers hitting batters with pitches in major league baseball...with players dropping gloves and squaring off (while the mob spills their beer in the collective frenzy for MORE, MORE...) as a matter of course in the NHL.

bettman more or less said it's a part of the game. since you put it out there, robin, what is your take then on the bertuzzi (or mcsorley) episode? that's "part of the game"?

anyway...as an on-the-fence hockey fan, i do enjoy when lord stanley comes around. the hockey becomes more fun to watch.

how 'bout dem kings? pretty sad close to a sorryass season at staples.
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Originally posted by cattracksplat:
anyway...as an on-the-fence hockey fan, i do enjoy when lord stanley comes around. the hockey becomes more fun to watch.

Now that they're done with the 88 exhibition games, the hockey season can officially get under way Thursday with Toronto vs Ottawa!

The games now mean something!
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Ok, you asked. I have been a hockey fan my whole life. My grandfather played for the Montreal Maroons and the Toronto Athletics. My daughter is starting to play. I think Bertuzzi got the appropriate punishment.....but
Hockey has always had a code; brutal and cult-like. Bertuzzi was hunting Moore in retaliation. Moore knew this but was avoiding the confrontation. The "code" is: Turn, drop yer gloves and settle it. Moore did not, Todd did the wrong thing out of frustration. It's hockey and has never changed and never will and if that sounds it's death knell in this politically correct society then the politically correct can boycott it....hockey fans won't even if the NHL disassociates and we are back to watching Flin Flon take on the New West Bruins!
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sure robin, and you as a 'core' fan won't mind in the least. given that, do you have any interest in the economic health and expansion of the nhl, IF THAT MEANS a "watering down" of this code?

the politically correct stuff doesn't matter, and we both know it. if you want a marketplace for something combining Sport and Violence, the wild wild u.s. is still a good place to place that product.

but robin, what IF hockey were to shift to a game where penalties for such action were so detrimental to a team's success - huge fines, lengthy suspensions - that it more or less evaporated. and say that what that did was move the game to where you have a bunch of gretzkys on the ice, all about puck handling and skating skills. if the enforcers had no role to play, would the GAME suffer and would you watch it?

I'm not dissing hockey - like i said, i really enjoy watching it this time of year, when the game streamlines itself (from my point of view) to something more palatable - and i don't mean to have you defend the game you obviously love.

just trying to understand the whole "enforcer" dynamic a bit more.

thanks for your reply, too.

(the gretzky thing is more about a TYPE of player than a league full of players with that kind of talent. i know a player with his game doesn't come 'round very often.)

and a different question: should lindros wake up (while he still can) and walk away?
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so, since we know the red sox will win the world series, who'll take the Cup?
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I know you weren't referring to more mullet haircuts when you champion the Gretz's of the game!
No, actually changing some of the other rules like eliminating the two line pass offside and maybe even going to an international rink size (that should make taxpayers cringe) would open up the game and allow the speedy talent and passmakers dominate...then perhaps the enforcer will become extinct....but...
Frankly, there are too many teams, not just that make the playoffs, too many altogether. The league is diluted by crappy goaltending as well...kind of like millionaire pitchers hurling lossing records....and certainly there are not enough Great Ones.
Eric should pack up his duffle bag and golf with his dingy brother.
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The "Chowds"????(apologies to IRUL) please....well it ain't gonna be the Bruins...although they may finally buck the trend against the Habs....my call? Hockeytown USA/Wings....my heart?....those working class slobs from Taranta!
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Alrighty, then! Two game sevens on the tube tonight, another tomorrow night! If you have never understood hockey up until now, here's your chance! The ultimate in professional sport....GAME SEVEN...MAYBE OT!
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