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I've always wanted to be able to measure and have a side-by-side comparison of ski resorts before preparing my trips, but I couldn't find any website to give me such a power. Here's a recent developed website, which allows you to have a straight to the point comparison of the European top ski resorts. You can check the options that satisfy your taste, style or level and have a side-by-side comparison of various ski areas.


Try it out:


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I just compared Engelberg to Lenzerheide both resorts I have skied in Switzerland. Engelberg is renowned for off piste but this site has no reflection of that. Engelberg reds are quite difficult and even though this site has a reasonable amount of blues listed there is a long run off the mountain but not a lot otherwise.


I find personal recommendations helpful. Also, for Switzerland www.myswitzerland.com/   is a useful website.

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Hello willyofoz!


Thanks for your suggestions, I've already made some corrections on Engelberg, I've mentioned the off piste activity and also the snow park there. http://www.where2ski.net/compare.php?r1=ENGELBERG

I don't believe I understand what you mean by "there is a long run off the mountain but not a lot otherwise".


Personal recommendations are great!. The info and data collected on where2ski.net are subject to minor corrections, as this project has just been started. For any other suggestions regarding Switzerland resorts, please feel free to notice us about, here or at info@where2ski.net.


Thank you!

where2ski.net team.

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You should check out http://www.mountago.com


It's a pretty new website so there isn;t a whole lot of content, but it does have ski maps, weather forecasts and loads of accommodation listed.


You can also ass reviews and pictures etc. and it has every resort in Europe listed.


I don;t what you mean exactly by comparing resorts, but you can rate them for various factors in Mountago, like apres ski, accommodation, ski conditions etc. So it looks like it would be pretty good for finding what you want... if only it had a few more users. It only launched a few months back so perhaps wait until next season and see if it has a few more users and reviews by then :)

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I think it takes quite a bit of research to determine where you actually want to go in Europe. At least the research is enjoyable.


The basics:


A 4000 ft. plus vertical.

Snow dependability (a base over 4,500 ft)

Trees ( in case there are storms that prevent upper mountain access)


For me:


Significant steeps, at least a few steepish runs with grooming.

Out of area that can be negotiated without guides (an additional cost)


There's a number of other factors to consider, I'm sure. But I just concentrate upon the skiing.


A very enjoyable way to go about things is to go "old school" and read books on the subject rather than stare at a computer screen.


Reuter's publishes a guide entitled "Where to Ski and Snowboard". There are several volumes with different publishing dates. The book is the kind of thing that I look at on a midsummer evening ... sorta "coffee table" type stuff.


I've narrowed my list down to one resort ... don't tell a soul. Zinal/Grimentz. I intend to spend a season there before I die.

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