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Triple Crown Winners!

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For the first time in 19 years, Ireland took home the Triple Crown on Saturday.

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Triple Crown?? On this side of the pond the Triple Crown refers to a series of horse races or a Baseball batting title. What is it on that side of the pond?
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Back in bygone days, there was the 4 nations rugby competition, held between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The team which won the annual contest was awarded the Triple Crown.
The 4 nations became the 5, with the inclusion of the French, and more recently, the 6 Nations, including the Italians.
So, there is a 6 Nations championship, where you can be Champions (if you finish top of the league), or you can be Grand Slam winners (if you beat everyone else), but there is still the Triple Crown, the mini contest between the original 4. Whichever of these 4 teams does best against the others of the 4 nations then wins the Triple Crown.
And that is what happened on Saturday.
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Who's won the wooden spoon then?
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I see said the blind man
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Nobody, I believe that it wasn't you.

Mike, rugby is a game similar to American football, in that the ball is the same shape. The differences are: it's 15 a side, you can't wear body armour, you can't throw the ball forward, and you stay on for 40 minutes before you get a 10 minute break, then do another 40 mins, so you can't be a big fat bloke who runs 10 yards then comes off the field for a rest.

Hope this helps
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I know the game - not the finer points - but I enjoy watching it on occassion. I am more of the body armor big fat bloke genre but I do appreciate Rugby and being half Irish I toast their victory!
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Well, the way "we" started, losing that shameful way to England, it could have been...
Luckily enough "we" won against Scotland.
BTW "our" coach is a Kiwi and ex-All Black member.

I like rugby, alas it's not shown nor practicised enough here, given the overwhelming "popularity" of football, ahem, soccer. But it may change, what with all the recent financial scandals that have involved some of the "big" teams...

BTW, congratulations for Ireland's victory...
I watched Ireland/England match, very nice game.
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I thought the triple crown was one bourbon, one scotch, one beer.
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