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IWRMLB (Idiots Who Run Major League Baseball) mentality is slipping into the NFL. It seems that the usual suspects, big market owners whose names I won't mention (but their initials are Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder, who still hasn't been successful in buying a championship) are effectively filibustering to allow the NFL trust agreement to expire. The Trust, in place in various forms since 1960, governs the league's equal distribution of profits from sales of merchandise and licensing.

It seems the big boys want more control over their team logos and licensing agreement with other companies so they can withhold that profit in order to pay larger signing bonuses and further undermine the basis of the NFL's success, the salary cap. Isn't greed wonderful?

Isn't this sort of like your local Ford franchiser telling Ford Motor Company that they now want control the profits from the use of the corporate logos and also enter into agreements with parts manufacturers to market their own 'genuine Ford parts'?