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Ski Rental in Calgary?

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I'm heading to Calgary over the holidays and am looking to rent some "high performance" skiis for a trip to Lake Louise, then Kicking Horse.  I know I could rent at either place, but want to save time and bring skiis with me if possible.  I will be bringing my boots, but I haven't dropped the $ on skiis yet (avid skier in the past, returning now that the kids are getting old enough to start...common story I think :-)


I've been eyeing the Blizzard Bushwackers as my resurrection ski, hoping it would serve me well for the type of skiing I do in the East while being a back-up for my Western trips.


Anyhow, any help on a good shop in Calgary that rents would be greatly appreciated while I decide on what to buy. 



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I would be concerned renting many hours drive away from where I will actually be staying / skiing.  If something goes wrong you don't have the luxury of resolving it, and you would end up having to a) drive back, or most likely b) just rent new skis and figure it out later.


The few times I have done the fly + rent approach I have always had luck renting the night before and therefore I don't waste any time in the morning.  I have never been charged more for doing this as well, since if I am renting at 4 PM I am clearly not using it that day anyways.

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Hmm. Good point to consider. Thanks mcarthurc.
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Lake Louise and Kicking Horse have both got completely new demo fleets in their respective shops for this season and I think you can reserve online or over the phone at both hills.

Louise hase Dynastar/Blizzard/Head iirc (for sure they have Dynastar try a Cham and youre search will be over)

KHMR has Dynastar/Rossi/Head/Volkl? (for sure they have Dynastar try a Cham and youre search will be over)

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For anyone interested, I ended up renting at both Louise and couldn't make it to KHMR, but went to Panorama instead.


Conditions were ok at both resorts.  Little to no new snow, just man-made or tree blown.  Ended up renting the Blizzard Bushwackers at Louise and really, really liked them for everything I tried (groomers, steep bumps, trees).  Very seriously considering buying them as my all-rounders for EC and trips.


Rented and demoed Rossignol Experience 83s and 88s at Panorama.  88s would be nicer with more snow, but a little too much work to stay slow with the kids.  83s were pretty nice all around with great grip on the hard pack.  Had lots of confidence going from loose wind blown to scraped away boilerplate.

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