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I'll be putting up video stories of each of the area members of the Inland Northwest Ski Association.  Member areas are 49 Degrees North, Mt. Spokane, Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain.  These are all 'under the radar' areas that, while smaller than some of the more recognized hills we all hear about, still offer what is arguably some of the best and most consistent conditions in the country. Each of these should give the viewer a bit of a better idea of what's offered and available to anyone visiting the Inland Northwest. I'll start this off with Mt. Spokane.


Located just 45 minutes from downtown Spokane, Mt. Spokane has two day lodges and five chairs serving 1,425 acres and 2,000 vertical feet.  With a variety of slope aspects, if one area isn't skiing all that well due to fog or snow conditions, changing chairs and finding other areas of the mountain that are clear and cold smoke isn't difficult.  With night skiing available on three chairs, Mt. Spokane is a great after-work/school option for those who want to get some mid-week skiing.  Here's a bit to whet your appetite!  




Here's a little piece we shot last Thursday morning.  Actually pretty good conditions for early season!