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Ski Town Throw Down

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Bozeman makes the Final Four in the PowderMag "Ski Town Throw Down"




Since October, the public has had the chance to vote for their favorite. Bozeman has risen to the top with over 3,000 votes in each of it's two previous battles.

It's down to the final 4. Sandpoint, ID versus Rossland/Nelson, BC and Bozeman versus Fernie, BC Voting opens on Monday Dec.17 and closes on Tuesday Dec.18.

To vote, visit powdermag.com


We have one day to do this!!!

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This is an interesting race 


Of course, I noticed that Bozeman (location of this years EpicSki Gathering) and Truckee/Tahoe(last years Epicski Gathering) were pitted against each other in the vote that got Bozeman to the final four. 


Go Bozeman!!

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Sandpoint could use some help, though it's in my summer stomping grounds, not sure that it should beat Rossland, which surely is one of the finest ski towns on the planet. It's a fun contest, anyway. 

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Bozeman vs. Rossland it is! Tough choice, but "we" know how to vote, right?



Vote on Rossland/Nelson v. Bozeman. before Monday the 24th.

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I voted!

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Rossland/Nelson won. Oh well, I am not upset as Bozeman doesn't need any more publicity. Sadly, what makes Rossland so great is its been flying well under the radar for years. I really hope it stays relatively undiscovered.

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Rossland and Nelson are over an hour apart so how do they get to act as a single entity? Nelson is the hippie capital of Western Canada, both young and old hippies abound and it is fitting that nearby Whitewater has a 1970s feel to it. Daylodge only and no overnight accommodation, 3 fixed grip chairs, and the most snow of any full time ski area in Canada--40'.

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