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Whitewater, BC - December 9, 15 and 16

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We rolled home from a few days at Cabo on December 3, and I managed to adjust to the cold, clouds and snow by skiing on the 9th.


With a claimed settled base of 190+ cm (over 6 ft), the skiing wasn't too bad on December 9. Coverage was excellent, especially compared to some places down in Colorado which Shall Not Be Named.




It was the third day of Whitewater's season. I missed the first two days. What can I say? Some of us have to work.


The Glory triple (backside)was not open. Only the two "old" lifts (in quotes because all the lifts at Whitewater are old) were open. There was plenty of soft snow to be found, but there was a bit of crust on some of the groomers. As the photo above suggests, one could even find powder here and there. Although Whitewater has rocks more than 6 ft tall that we routinely ski over, I did not hit any of them.


It snowed some during the day. Some of the off-piste remained soft and inviting throughout the day. There were no lift lines and relatively few skiers. Some of them wore red. See below. Click on the image to see it larger, and you can see it's snowing lightly.




My wife and I returned after another week spent in the salt mines. The snow pack settled some during the week, and despite about a foot of snow during the week, Whitewater's claimed settled base was down to 180 cm. Still not too horrible for December 15.




The light was very flat, but there was plenty of boot-top deep powder to be found. The Glory Ridge chair was open, although it was running on diesel power and very slow. We only took one run on the backside as a result. The ride up the chair reveals many rocks and stumps which have small exposures on the downhill sides, but which can be skied over anyway. Very entertaining, but perhaps more "entertainment" than some people want. Again, we did not hit any rocks.


Despite some profound soreness caused by entirely too much time spent at a desk, I went up again today, December 16. Whitewater had a nice little 5" snowfall overnight. The web site does not claim that much, but they filed the report at 4:00 am!


The top was socked in with fog all day, which sometimes made the skiing more exciting than planned. I skied off a  4' drop which I did not see, but somehow landed, and found myself going at high speed through a bunch of bumps and mounds that I could not so much see as feel. I bailed. Oh, well.




The shot above is an ungroomed intermediate run taken at 9:30 am. As you can see (barely - there's not much contrast in the flat light) the whole thing is tracked out. With one track, if you squint. Also, as you can see, it's really crowded.


It was a tough day, but someone had to ski it.


More snow is predicted.

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Schwing!!!!   I love that place!!!

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It is not often that I can brag about my home mountain, Sun Peaks, getting more snow than Whitewater, so now I will: 30cm overnight, 40cm in the last 24hrs. very dry of course.snowfalling.gif


Normally WW gets 2x what SP gets, but last night/yesterday it was SP 5x WW.yahoo.gif


SP has been open for a month, but it was not until about 11 days ago that it started to feel like a ski mountain in winter.


Today was well, Epic, but there have been quite a few other days of boot top and knee deep for so early in the season. It is snowing lightly right now where I am, 1000 feet below the resort.

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^^^^ Most excellent! Good for Sun Peaks!


All of southern BC is doing well this morning (Dec 17).


Whitewater picked up another 22 cm overnight, and it's snowing heavily.

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For the sake of accuracy I need to admit that I made a mistake. Sun Peaks did not get 5x Whitewater's snow fall recently, it was only 2-3x. We did get another 15cm Sunday night and another 8cm or so today!


I shared a chair ride today with a lady from Toronto whose kids are here for an annual race camp. Needless to say, they are blown away by the amounts of snow, with some runs still having cut up snow that is knee deep and easy to turn in. Last year when they were here for the camp there was decent coverage but it didn't snow the 9 days that they were here nor the week before they arrived, so a big difference for them this time.


BTW it is hilarious to watch 30 or so  kids who are good skiers from the East, descend down the Crystal Bowl all at once skiing boot top to knee deep powder for the first time. They were making racing turns on racing skis in the pow, crashing all the way and loving it.

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