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Nordica 2013 Dobie Boot vs Lange vs Redster - any insight?

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So I posted previously about having significant issues with my 2012 Doberman Pro EDT with a race fit. My right leg has had injuries + surgery and is prone to swelling, circulation issues.


Dobie EDT skied GREAT, but was very cold and my lifelong 27.5 became too small and short this year on the bad foot. Other downside on the Dobie was it was incredibly cold for me - I heard the metal bootboard was like a heat sink.


Have had further challenges with the right leg this year - rendering it almost a .75 size larger.


Have switched to Atomic Redster 130 Pro 28.5 this year (my call - not the boot guy)  - skied it last night and too much area to feel contact with the boot+ski. It\s bigger, but did pass the finger/dowel test on shell size. I've brought it back to be padded in today, but back of my mind is concerned it won't be enough and feel the response laterally I like. On the plus side, first time I went without heaters in YEARS.


Boot felt loose around the cuff and ankle was swimming like I'd put 15 days on it. Actually wore two pairs of socks lol.Guess I've lost leg girth - also the right instep a bit higher now


I am looking to transition out of classic "race" fit, so it's the first time I've had a boot with a more recreational type fit. I am looking for daily driver, so aggressive carved turns the name of the game.


I guess in my mind I have concerns the Redster won't work out, so wondering if I  can get some input on alternatives - smaller around the cuff, closer around the ankle options, but still all day skiable. .That being the question, my thoughts are below:




Lange RS 130

Lange RX130

2013 Doberman EDT pro

2013 Patron Pro


I understand the Dobie EDT is now a carbon bootboard - has anyone skied it? Is it less cold than the metal?


Would the 28.5 be a better option or same trouble, more length than the 27.5 fit I've had already?


THANKS ALL! Big dilemma - all insight appreciated

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Just an initial thought:

As a Nordica skier for years, my foot would never do a Lange. The fit is night & day. What does fit say for you? Sometimes you don't choose the boot, your boot chooses you!

Real intersted to see where this goes. I love my various Dobies, but drew the line @ the metal bootboards.
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This really isn't something that can be figured out over the internet. You might need to make some compromises due to your injuries but without seeing your foot, you are just shooting in the dark here. 

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Ah - got it. Thanks though.


Anyone skied this year's Doberman? Is it less cold with the carbon bootboard? Anyone tried it?

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Generally, upsizing a boot is not a great idea but as Phil has mentioned, fit analysis of your individual case is not possible on the webz. The current Dobermann is not as cold as the old one but any low volume boot will have at least some issues with that. FWIW, the 2013 DP is a tiny bit roomier over the roof than the 2012 but it is still lower in overall volume than the Lange RS and especially than the Redster Pro which is pretty roomy for it's fit category.



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My question was less about my foot size than the individual characteristics and experiences with the boots.


I skied the Dobie 2012 last year in 27.5 and really enjoyed it, but my foot simply won't go into it this year - can't keep enough length. My thoughts are if a 2013 Dobie is warmer, great - maybe the smaller fit would be a better match for 28.5 than I got with the Redster. I htink I'm trying to rule out Nordica and then all that's left is Lange.  Doberman is the devil I know right now and really enjoyed how the boot skied - warmer and larger would be a plus. Also struggling with going from a "race" to what I'd guess they'd call "expert" fit. Lange is just a further unknown - while I haven't skied it and the RS/RX felt good in try on, I hear it's quite cold. I was in Lange plug for a number of years and man, they were cold alright.


Appreciate the response!

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