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It's that time of the year again.
In fact last saturday I was supposed to go skiing, but thanks to infiltrated enemy from the third age (my parents) who brainwashed the kids about how was going to bean horrible day I had to front a mutinous crew (my kids) and give up or...else!
So, as a "punishment" took the out for a walk windowshopping (I was a bit p*'ed off at my parents, the day was wornderful!) and met friends, who let it slip that in the afternoon there would have been at the local club the first lesson of inline skating for kids..
Decided to take my kids there for a try...and now they're hooked (into the lessons, they were already able to skate, I taught them the basics and took them out in the past yeas, the honour for succeeding is theirs, though)
So, for the next two month every sat afternoon will be spent there.
Oh well, I've come to look at inliners as off season skiing.
So much so better, they'l progress further in understanding how the body works (wheight, fore/ aft &left/right balance and the likes)
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Hey, Matteo, is there an Italian version of the IISA, or do you have your own certifications?

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Hi comprex, I think there must be one, but I don't know of it, I'll ask the instructors tomorrow,though.

BTW, my oldest son is being taught by a female instructor, I think that's one of the reason He insists so much in taking lessons
Beware girls, when he'll be 15 you all will be in trouble
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That's _almost_ as good as an Italian female ski intructress. Wow.
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Did I ever tell that when I was my son age (9 y.o. not that my brain has progressed much : ) one of my ski instructor was American?
Still remember her name...
I have a picture of the class somewhere...mmm memories.
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here we are, a good chunk of info on inline in Italy can be fond here

I think that the official site is something like www.FHIP.it but it's in Italian... the one above is in English at least.
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Too bad about street use being illegal.

It does, however, explain quite a bit of why some Italian-designed frames are so ill-suited for road skating.


Thank you!
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Thank ou, apologies for the conversion of org in it.
As usual, it's illegal but tolerated...just last day I saw a guy trining on the roads, in betwwen the normal trafic, I don't know what is become of his lungs, though.
A nice place to skate, in spring/summer/autumn is Monza's park, on Saturdays and Sundays the roads inside there are closed to the cars, and are free to skate, run, cycle, walk. The main road is some 2km long, and the asphalt there is very smooth (it was last fall)...
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Eldest son, after training all winter began racing this spring, while I was in hospital...
Results are mixed but he was able to qualify for the Italian team championships held in Bormio this past june...wow, I'm impressed, dedication comes to mind...
Unfotunately he got the flu and spent the two days of the event locked in an hotel room...
Man was he p*┬žs'd!
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Here's the whole team picture on the
Team's homepage
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Matteo, that is a superb success for him! Sorry to hear about the flu, but learning to deal with that sort of frustration is going to stand him so extremely well later on.

Any events left this year for him to show off that form?

Three cheers for next season.
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Hello Comprex. There will be no races until september (too hot/everybody is leaving for the summer vacations)...we shall see then.
BTW his legs are a sorry sight to see (both left and right lower legs have been "skinned" by falls...).
The only thing I'm worried about now is that he's going to like inline speed skating more than skiing, ehe.
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Sounds like you're smarter than we are. Yesterday was over 35C and the informal training group met at about 11:00. We skated for about 2 hours on road and trail before we got to a section where the road had new asphalt and the trail was being torn up for resurfacing. Climbing along the road (cars screaming and honking behind us) I was actually sinking into the road surface. On the downhill after, I thought it was mostly fatigue when my left foot wobbled a bit. I didn't realise until I tried a T-stop that I had entirely lost the rubber tyres off two of the wheels on the left skate.
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