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Skis for a Utah powder virgin

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Hello all,

I'm headed to Utah (Snowbird and Alta) on Tuesday, and am looking for advice on powder skis. 

I'm a midwesterner who skis 2-3 weeks a year on my Rossignol Phantom SC87's - usually out in Colorado, but last year's snow drove me to go for a sure thing this time around.  I've had my fair share of Colorado powder days, but the amounts in the forecast for Utah put those to shame.  I can handle just about anything on the hill, love skiing the trees and moguls on Mary Jane, which is why I went with the Rossi's to begin with - very quick turners, slight off-piste bias.  I've enjoyed similar all-mountain skis and even some freestyle models, but have never tried the fat boys.

My choice - either pay Delta $70 roundtrip to haul my skis, or pay $170 for five days of demos. 

I'd appreciate any help the community can provide.

Thank you all!


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Lucky dog!  Welcome to EpicSki!


Leave your skis at home and have a ball trying out powder ski demos.

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I would go for paying the 100 difference and demo many pairs. But only if "they" are sure to have a selection of hi-performance skis that are worth trying and will let you can get them the night before so you don't waste time in the am, otherwise I would take my skis.

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Yes, I'm a bit biased, but I'd stop by the DPS salon for rentals on your way from the SLC airport. But that would make it hard to swap skis around to try different things, though it's not really that far. Either way, do the demo'ing.

I canceled PCMR for XMAS cuz it was looking bleak. Not so sure now :-). No friends (or family) on pow day... 

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PCMR is great right now. Cottonwoods are around the corner. Plenty of snow.
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renting seems like the way to go.  you can pay a couple extra bucks usually, and not be liable for any damage.   like the damage that can occur on the ridge of the cirque at snowbird, for example.  and u can usually switch the skis out, which can be fun.


just be sure wherever u rent from has real powder skis if you hopefully need them.   i rented from aloha, and the widest ski they had was 98 or 100 underfoot.  crazy!  it's utah, what the heck???

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Rent the night before.   Maybe start with something easy like the S7 and move to a more performance type ski if they aren't enough ski.

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Demo, but from the ski shops on the mountain. Some of them have a deal where you pay for the day and can ski whatever they have and change them as often as you like.

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Another demo vote, though you are right at my usual cut off.  I always rent if flying out for 4 days.  More and I almost always bring my own boards.  If it dumps just ask for the fattest skis they've got.

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Another vote for demo. If you get a powder day, having a good powder ski is worth it's weight in gold. If you need a suggestion, I just picked up a pair of Nordica Unleashed Hell (virutally the same as the Patron) and it is a really fun ski for fresh snow. The Helldorado is almost  the same ski too, just with 2 sheets of metal in it so it's stiffer. 

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