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I thought I should post this on Epic since I've been a Bear since before I even entered high school.

I'm part of the......................



Quite surreal in my house right now. Greek Peak, Winter 2013, here I come..........

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Congrats...don`t know much about Cornell, other than that it is a very prestigious school, but I thought College was a great experience for me (even if the skiing around DC was nowhere near as good as what I did out west growing up).



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I am an Ithaca grad, it is an amazing town. As for the skiing. I found appreciation for classic mtn skiing while there. Almost 1/2 dozen smaller, vibrant areas...
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Congrats!  I applied last year but didn't get in.  You must be pretty smart/ impressive.  Cornell was an awesome school when I toured it, one of my favs.  I'm at UVM instead now.  Enjoy it and best of luck.

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Thanks everyone! Now I'm very pumped for next year to be at my 1st choice school.

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