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Ski pants!

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Guys, my marker pants are getting holes all over... Got ~7+years out of them... Need a Christmas present! I've seen many new companies start making new stuff, like armada, etc.

What are my options and what does everyone rave about?
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There are lots of options, just depends what style you like. I just got nomad pants and jacket from strafe outer ware. The fit and build quality are awesome and they only offer solid colors, which I prefer. Straight forward design with hardcore features. Still new to me so I can't comment on how long they will last...check them out for ideas.
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Check out the Descente Best or Canuk Pants. You can find the Canuks on sale for $200 but you get free lift tickets to a bunch of resorts. If you need pants anyway you may as well get free lift tickets. I just replaced my almost 20 year old pants.

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Im using right now a mountain hardware snowtastic. It rocks

Its sunny in the Kitzsteinhorn today!
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I am using the Patagonia Powder Bowl pants and they rock! They are super durable, great comfort, and good looking! I have used Northface and Spyder as well and the Patagonia Powder Bowls are my favorite. You can get them at the outlet at for a discount. Enjoy!

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STP has good deals on Dry.q Elite stuff from MH. But those are usually more like alpine fit, and shells, no insulation at all.
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When I saw the thread title, I was hoping for a poll:  "Ski Pants, Yes or No?"

Highly disappointed.


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I like the Outdoor Research Igneo pants - they are vented so I can open them up if I get hot, and with velcro cargo pockets so I can easily get my cell phone and other stuff out while riding on the chairlift.

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686 smarty command pants with a fleece liner,

three seasons and counting .these pants are bombproof !!

super warm and feel very cozy,

check out 

they come in all colors also

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Just FYI I found out after receiving my Descente Passport pants that they DO NOT come with a Passport, only the jackets. If anybody is thinking about buying the pants to get the lift tickets, don't bother. Mine are going back.

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