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Gloves: Long or short?

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Looking to replace my older, cheap gordini gloves.  I have always worn gloves with an elastice fit cuff and worn my jacket cuff over the wrist of the glove.  Never had a problem.


In looking for newer, better quaility gloves in the $100 range,  it seems almost all are longer gloves to be worn and cinched over jacket cuff.  I am having trouble convincing myself I will like this.


I assume because most of the gloves today are longer, most people want them that way.  Must be better than my old style.  Many of the short cuffed gloves I see for sale appear to be upper end. (Hestra) 


Any input on the fit and function of the longer cuff gloves by the likes of MArmot, Swanny, North Face, Outdoor Research? 

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I have had a pair of the longer mittens (Dakine) for several years. The way they cinch over my jacket cuff works great for me.  I think its easier to pull the string to tighten them up the gloves than arrange the jacket cuff over the mitten.

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I find the gauntlet style that goes over the jacket does a much better job at keeping snow out.  Plus I like the fact that most of the gauntlet style gloves come with some sort of wrist attachment so I can take my gloves off without worrying (or worrying less, you never know when that strap might wear out) about dropping a glove from a lift.  Very few non-gauntlet gloves come with that.

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Depending on the jacket even using gauntlet gloves you might be able to use your jacket over it. If you have jackets that have a snug fit cuff you would have to use the gloves over. I don't see a problem with any, and I believe it's a matter of personal preference. 

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Welcome to EpicSki.  Consider that if you are skiing in powder or really soft snow and you fall.  Your first reaction is to put a hand down to soften the fall.  If your jacket is over the glove, it is almost guaranteed that you'll get a pile of snow inside your sleeve.  If the glove is over the sleeve and cinched down, that is very unlikely to happen.  My last good pair of short leather gloves, Reusch, finally disintegrated about 4 years ago.  I really liked those gloves but when I went down I always got snow inside the sleeves.  That was when I bought my first pair of gauntlet style gloves and I haven't looked back.  I always buy the ones with idiot straps or immediately make some if the gloves don't come with them.  Hestra makes very nice idiot straps but I'm not impressed with their gloves, except the 3-finger Heli.  I think Outdoor Research has better gloves.

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