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Le Massif?

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How is Le Massif at the end of December (New Year)?

Is it going to be better than Vermont resorts (cheaper, I guess)?



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I will let you know when I am there...staying in Quebec 12/26 - 12/30.  I expect it to be at least as good as northern VT, could be better they have had a bit more snow so far.  Cheaper, I doubt it.

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Cheaper? I don't tink so either...

If you go see there website, you can see that they only  have 9 trails right now...not so different that Vermont center...

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It'll be colder, far better food, enjoyable change of cultural pace, maybe slightly better snow in that they have fewer thaws, but no place is great back here that early. IME it's a little cheaper for accommodations, wash or bit more for food, lot more for gasoline. 

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If everything goes right, there should be almost 2 feet of fresh snow at Le Massif by the end of the week...

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Does it get warm there during winters like sometimes (too often) in Vermont or all the snow accumulates there?

When would be the best to visit Le Massif (hopes for most powder)?



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Yes they often get snow when more southern latitudes get rain. It also does rain there but not as often as New England. The average annual snowfall is less than what is seen in Northern New England. Despite it's northern latitude you must remember that base elevation is close to sea level.

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Don't go there until the number of open trails rise!

I would wait till mid january...

If you really want to come ski in Quebec, come to Tremblant!

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