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Armada ARV ski length?

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Hi. I have recently bought some armada ARVs 175cm at a good price. I'm just a bit worried they are going to be too short. I am 6'1 and quite light 76kg. I would say I am an intermediate to advanced skiier who skiis all mountain and off in the backcountry when the snow is good. Sorry, i posed this on the other forum and then realised it would be better to post here.

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I don't know if this helps but I'm 5'-9", 150lbs, and had the 175cm ARV, which was just right for me.

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Sweet. What were they like? What kind of stuff do you ski? Backcountry, pise, park? 

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I really liked these skis.  They were surprisingly great on hardpack at any speed, although it took more effort to get on edge then narrower skis.  Powder was good, but at 92mm it isn't a powder ski.  At my weight it wasn't as maneuverable in the trees as I liked.  Cut up crud was great in these skis.  Bumps so, so.  I would still be using it as my daily driver except last year I hit a rock and they broke.

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You might find that they don't have enough float in deep powder and you have to lean back to keep the tips up.  If you like or are used to short skis, you may be OK.  If you really want to push them and try to advance your skills, I suspect they will begin to feel short after a while.  Because they don't have any rocker and the rear twin tip is not huge, you have a fair bit of effective running length, so they should be fine on groomers and in bumps.

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Thanks for all the advise. I think that the size is about right for me. I only get in a couple of weeks proper skiing in a year, the rest is freestyle on dryslope which I'm not gunna use these for. If I was to upgrade to a more backcountry/ big mountain ski in a couple of years what kind of length do you reccon would be good? 185? 190?

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185 or 190 with tip and tail rocker would be fine as the rocker would make them feel shorter.  Maybe 180-185cm if you prefer a ski without rocker.  Your best bet is to demo a bunch of skis during the season and pick up a pair of your favorites at the end of the season or during the summer when they are on clearance.  Ski models don't usually change that much from year to year.

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