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Armada ARV. Did I pick the right ski size?

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Hi there. I recently bought a pair of Armada ARVs 2011/2012. I am starting to wonder whether they are too short. I am about 6'1 but quite slight (76kg). I am an intermediate to advanced skiier who wants to ski all mountain and nip into the back country now and then. Any advice would really help. cheers!

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Hi and welcome, where do you ski mostly? What length are the skis?

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Sorry, forgot to mention it. They are 175cm. I ski mostly in the French alps. A fair amount of snow but nothing compared to out west of the states and canada.

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Can anyone else give any more advise?

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 I'm guessing they come up to your nose? That's not too short for someone of your stature. As an advanced skier you could push the length a little if you want to but I have a feeling you'll get on just fine as is.

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For an INTERMEDIATE to advanced skier, I think it sounds ok for where you are today.


However, for your height and weight as an expert, I would lean towards something in the 180 range.


For your height and weight as a backcountry ski for an expert that would have no issues moving the skis, I would go 190 range.


Basically, if you bought these with the eye of having a ski to "grow" into, as your skills progress, you will probably find them a bit short as you go on, especially for backcountry use.



For the record, I am 6'1", and 225ish lbs. All of my regularly used skis are in the 190-200 range (189 k2 Seths, 189 k2 Kung Fujas, 200 Atomic 9.22 rock skis). The K2 skis date from the days that K2 didn't count tip and tails in their lengths, and thus they are just as long as the 200 Atomics.  I find that skiing anything shorter than a 185 makes it really tough for me to get out of the backseat.

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Hi. Thanks for all your help. To answer lillywhite: yep, they come up to just above eye level. A bit more confident I picked the right size now. Do you recon they would still be ok for a little backcountry use?

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 If It was me I'd get out there and see. FWIW I somehow took my old VERY short beginner skis away last year by mistake. They are a good 20cm shorter than I "should" be using. When I got them out of the bag first morning and realised my mistake I had the choice of a long queue to rent something more appropriate or suck it up and go play. I chose not to queue figuring I could always change my mind and hit the shop at lunchtime when it was quieter.

 I had a blast, I wasn't in the backcountry but it had been dumping steadily for a week and I mainly skied the ungroomed between pisted areas, I had a blast, it was real good fun. The only time I noticed the short length was back on a windblown groomer where they chattered like crazy and felt squirrelly. I used them all week and had one of the best ski experiences so far although the instructor raised an eyebrow when I turned up for an intermediate lesson on obviously baby skis.

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