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Formula One, 2004 - Page 4

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Had to watch on the internet(times only). Souned like the safety car made it interesting for awhile at the end.
I'm on a borrowed computor at the White River Boy Scout Lodge. At least I'm skiing.
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Looks pretty close. Montoya third behind Michael and Kimi by .116.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
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Only disappointment for those not driving the car with the prancing pony.
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Michael with Juan Pablo alongside. Bridgestone vs Michlin into turn one. Could be exciting. Not to mention Trulli lurking not far behind. He's been quick on the starts before.
Another pole. Only 5 more to set the record.
To me that's the last major record. If Michael doesn't get it it will be like Sampras never winning the French Open. Kind of leaves a question mark on the title of "the greatest...."
Not to mention that one more win ties the "most wins in a season" that Michael already holds. Either way tomorrow that one will most likely fall.
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I can't imagine what it would take for Michael to not get the record. Well, OK, I can imagine it, but I'd sure not like to see it. This looks like a good race for the McLarens too. Maybe DC can leave on a high note.
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Well, the McLaren was pretty fast today. Alas, things did not go quite as I hoped....

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Oh, by the way, big thumbs down for the Ferrari fans that were on thier feet cheering before Kimi's car even came to rest.
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I'll go along with that epic. Bad form.
Juan Pablo sure didn't live up to expectations. "The best overtaker in F-1"(if he can stay on the road)(not the first time he's made "unforced errors")
Looked like Kimi was going to make a race out of it for awhile there. Although as it was unfolding, I was thinking that the Michlins were new and he only had a few laps to challenge before they went off and Michael's Bridgestones came in. That was kind of how it played out at Silverstone.
Lots of good action in the rest of the field. The TV covered most of it pretty well. I noticed Michael seemed to get less than the usual amount of air time. Good for the German TV.
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Good point about Montoya. Very disapointing. The interesting thing about Kimi is he took on 9 secs. of fuel to Schumis 6, and still had his pace. I guess we'll never know what could have happened.
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Michael wins again. Another McLaren turned into a 3 wheeler. ryan, ready to call uncle yet?
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Will Michael win number twelve and set yet another record?
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It's pretty close at the top. There might be a race yet.
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I guess not. Usually there are some good fights in the back. This time it was pretty much a parade from the second lap on.
Another record for Micael. I wonder if he can get 3 or 4 more poles this year?
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I wonder what he'll do for a challenge next?
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I thnk if he wants a challenge, he should try driving a Minardi.
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snoooooooooore...the tecnology is fantastic, there are some other-worldy drivers, but the racing flat out sucks. for sure micheal takes it deeper, is better in the rain,etc. but take someone like, fisichella for example and give him the best aerodynamisist, molecular fuel stabilizers, MORE hp, more $$$$, etc and he be on top, hell koko the monkey could win. it is up to FIA to level the field,HELP make the other teams competitive for better racing. look at GP superbikes, sure everything costs less in general allowing 95% of the teams to have basically the best equipment, but it's usually a race to the finish between 5 or 6 guys. i'm an auto racing guy but THAT is racing. the f1 field is so uneven it's a joke,micheal is great but there are so many great performance that go unoticed on tv because it's all ferrari ,all the time. a few years back when arrows got the aero man(the best) from mclaren, de la rosa drove the wheels off the thing and got zero recognition, it was incredible. there is a masters racer from new england that frequents this site, he was a test driver for minardi, ask him what a joke the whole seen is.
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I'd like to hear from him. That sounds very interesting.
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I see the whiners are out in force after another Ferrari 1,2. It won't always be this way for Ferrari so I am enjoying it. ryan just in case you missed it Ferrari 1,2 Michael,s driver points 120, Constructors Ferrari 202, record 12 victories for Michael this year.
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i'm no whiner...i could'nt give a rats ass honestly. one things for sure though, it ain't really domination if ya have to buy it. that ferrari bandwagon must be gettin pretty full right about now.
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If you could "buy it" Toyota would be on top.
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Do you really think Ferrari does the volume of some of the other auto companies?
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(ferrari @ $418MILL leads the group)

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Those numbers are a few years old. Notice Prost and Arrows and no Toyota.
It is my understanding that Toyota now has the biggest budget.
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2004 budgets

2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004


what ferrari is chasing:

1988 F1 season. This was a good year again; McLaren won the drivers Championship, the constructors championship and 15 of the 16 races. The MP4/4 was driven by the both legendary Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. This was the last turbocharged McLaren (in 1989 turbo-engine would be forbidden), it is powered by the Honda 1.5 litre V6 engine, that was only used in this season. In the summer MP4/4's were used testing the new V10 3.5 litre Honda engine.


"Do you really think Ferrari does the volume of some of the other auto companies?"

What does that have to do with F1 budgets?
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I stand corrected. I was pretty close though. Only Williams and BAR are below $300,000,000 though.
Volume of sale obviously doesn't have anything to do with it.
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the domination will come to an end for sure. ferrari's tech director brawn, chief designer byrne and sport director todt's contracts all expire at the end of this year and they're all being courted by other teams. micheal is the best driver without a doubt but these three guys are essentially the whole team. maybe micheal will move with one or more of them?? the racing sucks but at least theres a good soap opera angle.
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Not likely Jean Todt is leaving. He's filling the position vacated by Luca de M when he became president of FIAT.
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Kimi first, Michael third?, fourth? and Rubens nineth. There may be a race on Sunday.:
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be real nice if they put the right tires on the McLarens.
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Looks like they did ryan.
I missed the start because I was driving home from out of town. I turned on my TV about lap 10. Pretty interesting race. McLaren was about the only Michelin runner that didn't have problems.
It was pretty obvious that the Bridgestones took awhile to warm up. Michael was gaining on Kimi when the safety car came out after Button's crash but he sure couldn't match his pace on the restarts.
I hope people who were complaining about boring races are happy now. I am.
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