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Michael & Rubens

Another 1,2 for Ferrari. Looks like the only way Juan Pablo can beat Michael is to ram him. I didn't get to see this race, but I noticed the M&M boys didn't last long. Another flame thrower?
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how can a team that for all intents and purposes has never started collect so many did-not-finishes?

it's gotta be getting LOUD in the chats the boys are having with each other.
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Watched the race at Harrah's in New Orleans(only place with SPEED that was open at that time) Another masterful drive by Michael. Watching virtuosity is never boring.
Before JP can ram Michael he'll have to catch him.
I heard MB was getting upset with McLaren. Looks like they need to get their own act together.(unless it's the bodywork causing a cooling problem?)
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Sorry I didn't read page two before I posted.
Widening might help although the loose stuff off line will still be there.
Lengthening I don't think will help. When the cars go faster they're more reliant on aerodynamic downforce(which is the problem now, they can't get close enough to pass without loosing grip) Although there is always action in turn one at Indy. They do a "slingshot" and late-brake into turn one. It's usually exciting but half the time the ones that try it run off straight.
Maybe if they got rid of the aero and went back to slick tires?
I don't know.
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Any other Bears going to Indy?

We're staying in Franklin IN Friday and Saturday nights.
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Interesting that the Ferraris have been pretty quick all weekend and now are a second out.
I wonder what they're up to? Do they think it might rain?
I guess we'll find out.
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Quite a bit of action right to the end.
I couldn't believe it when SPEED cut to commercial just when Ralf pitted from the lead. I guess a lot happened on that break but we didn't even get a decent replay.
How about Ruebens putting the pressure on Michael?
Bummer about Williams and Toyota's brake ducts. I wonder why Williams is being so quiet?
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Ferrari 1,2. There was a lot of talk about brakes going away on this course, I guess some of the teams took it to heart and decided to make a few modifications. Boneheads. Ryan, what happened to Kiki and Coldturd?
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So I'm not the only one who calls David that.
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The new 2004 McLaren with a more reliable power plant.

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Maybe I should just post the same thing for the rest of the season. Ferrari 1,2
Glad to hear that Ralphie appears to be ok.
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That was very scary. We were at the opposite end of the track. At one point the Jumbotron showed him moving but not very much or very well. The sound was mostly unintelligble.
I've been at races where there have been fatalities but it was over 40 years ago. It was a reminder that racing is still a dangerous sport. The limited information we heard was very unsettling.
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It's great you got to be there for the race. Is Indy the fastest track for top end?

Has ryan lost interest in F-1?
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Slatz, the british TV coverage has close links with Williams, and told us about 5 minutes after the accident that one of the Williams race directors had radioed Ralph to say "if you're OK, move your hand", which he managed to raise. Then they told him not to move, for fear of further injuries.
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Lucky, I don't believe so. (F1 cars aren't designed for banked circuits, unlike Indy ones, so it is a disadvantage to them)
The fastest average speed of a qualifying lap was by JPM at Monza a couple of years back, when he came in at 257kph (over 160mph)
The fastest top speed? Well, that may take me longer to find!
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OK, I think I've got the answer...
The fastest during racing conditions, was David Coulthard at Hockenheim (German GP) in 1998, with a top speed of 357kph (223mph approx), but the Guinness Book of Records says that 2 days later DC acheived 386.7kph (242mph) but I haven't been able to track down where he did this, and it is possible that the data I have has the dates wrong!
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The US TV also said that he was OK soon after the accident.
Last night, on Wind Tunnel on SPEED, Derek Daley said he counted 3 minutes, 17 seconds from the accident until the doctor got to Ralf. The problem seemed to be that there is no access to that part of the track other than the pit out. The abulance had to come half way around the track from the back straight. When they left they went all the way back throught turn one etc, to the same place. There doesn't seem to be any vehicle access out the back of the garage area.
As far as speeds, even though it's the longest "flat out" time in F-1, the cars carry more downforce to negotiate the infield section. Therefore the speeds aren't the highest. Although, the track that DC set those records on has been changed and those high speed sections are gone.
At one time turn one was one of the slowest corners in F-1(40mph) but I think they changed that. Now it's about 60 mph.
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Yeah, Slatz, I noticed that. Couldn't they have brought the ambulance out and then drove it up the pit straight the opposite direction?

The commentary we got as well was going ape about why the safety car didn't take the drivers down the pitlane - since the pit straight was such a mess
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That's a good idea that I never thought of. It would have made a lot more sense.
As for the ambulance, they were behind the garage area. There is no way to get to the main straight through the garage area that I could see. They had to go out on the back straight and around. That's why they went around when they left.
There were safety vehicles on turn four of the oval(where Webber went when he was on fire) I don't know if there were any on turn two(where the cars make turn 12 and come out on the oval)
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Has anybody else read the press release where Max Mosley gives the teams two months to slow the cars down.

I know in the name of safety, but I hate it when they talk about slowing the cars down.
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I've seen that.
It would really suck if they turned F-1 into a "spec" series. Competition and innovation is what it's all about. Besides the drivers there are the tires, the chassis builders, the software writers and the engine builders. Limiting any of these in the intrest of a "show". spoils it for me.
I think the only hope is to limit displacement and possibly, somehow, aero packages. That can't be done in two months though.
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They kept doing the same thing (speed control) with "unlimited" hydroplanes until I lost interest. Maybe the race folks have something against the color red. I thought F-1 was supposed to be the cutting edge of technology and innovation. The only thing I would like to see change in F-1 is more room to pass. Ditch the grooved tires!
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I started to follow F1 in 1985. I have seen a lot of changes, lucky for us fans, the engineers are smarter then the FIA.

Can you picture how fast the cars would be if the FIA had not made all the changes to slow them down.
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Quite a race. Who said F-1 is boring? Michael ran within tenths of the fastest lap all day. How about Ruebins pass on the last lap for third?
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I guess it depends on how you look at it. I thought the race was pretty sorry. I was getting really excited when Alonso was in front of MS. MS was driving so well. The excitement was building. Finally, we would get to see MS passing for the lead. Alas, it was not to be. I'll take nothing away from MS's drive.... it was one of his best ever, but to see him change strategy mid-stream to avoid passing a car on the track was dis-heartening. At least McLaren seemed to make a step forward, and btw, what was up with JPM! That car must have been the devil!
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Looks like Ralphie will be driving for Toyota next year. I'm not sure where Moantoya will be going.
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He's got a contract with McLaren. Has something happened with that?
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from F1 Live

Juan Pablo Montoya hasn't telephoned injured F1 team-mate Ralf Schumacher to pass-on a 'get well soon' sentiment because "I haven't got his phone number."

Schumacher, 29, crashed at Indianapolis and fractured two back- bones.

Asked by the Times if Colombian-born Montoya might pick-up a phone book or ask Frank Williams for Ralf's number, the feisty star replied: "No I don't think so."

"Maybe I'll get someone to send him a message."

What would I say? Did it hurt? I actually don't get on badly with him."

Juan reckons he has 'nothing' in common with introverted Ralf.

"I enjoy racing him," said Montoya. "But that's about it."

Like Ralf who's off to Toyota, Juan Pablo is leaving Williams at the end of '04, bound for pastures silver. "Frank's working his arse off," he said.

"They haven't got their acts together. It always takes to long for the car to be competitive. And it's been particularly bad this year. They know that."

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Oh Hell yeaH! Raikonnon on pole baby!!! I think the WDC is already gone, but maybe McLaren can still be best of the rest.
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At the risk of being repetitive, Michael wins again. Ferrari, 1 & 3.
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