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You've been pretty quiet until now Lucky. Sleepy from those "flyaway" races late at night?
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Don't count out the MP4/19 yet. Remember the FW-25?
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It would be unwise to ever overlook McLaren.
I wonder what Juan Pablo is thinking though?
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Hi Slatz, I've just been busy skiing and trying to make it to the end of the season (shoulder surgery coming soon). I'm waiting for people to start calling Ferrari the New York Yankees of F-1.
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That'll raise a few hackles. :
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If I had to guess now, it looks like Ferrari 1-2.

This new engine rule sucks. Kimi gets less than 1 lap of running and will be penalized by losing 10 qualifying spots. Isn't no running on Friday, no set-up for the car, and no practice on a new track penalty enough. Then we can expect his tires to delaminate on lap 10. Great just f'ing great. And by the way, I've said it before. DC has gotta go. I like him just fine, but if his is the only car that's gonna run. He MUST go faster!!!
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Don't forget about the BAR. They're looking strong.
Tomorrow will tell. Friday is "just practice"
Is the story this week going to be the Michlin tires? : I thought they were better when it was hotter.
The sand and dust could cause a lot of surprises.
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The front row is RED [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I guess Mercedes is getting desperate now. They put an afterburner on Kimi's car. Too bad that didn't work out.

Michael Schumacher 7 time WDC.

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If it weren't for bad luck he wouldn't have any luck.
The thing looked like a space vehicle on re-entry.
There were some good fights back in the pack. The TV covered them instead of the leaders. That kept it more interesting. Of course I'm on the edge of my seat until the checker falls. You never know what can go wrong.
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ryan has been strangely silent. He must be in pain, Boston loses their opener, Lakers lose, Kimi turns his ride into a blowtorch and DC looks like he needs training wheels. I bet the track workers didn't want to get anywhere near the M&M boys.
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some things are better left unsaid...
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Kimi in a Ferrari : There's a good idea. I'd be surprised if Michael stays after he wins his 7th Championship.
Kind of interesting that Kimi and Juan Pablo keep breaking things though. That better?

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I hope you're joking Slatz. There's a difference between "Kimi keeps breaking things" and Kimi's things keep breaking. Let's put it this way, Ralf keeps breaking things, Kimi' s things keep breaking. See the difference?

I want DC out of that car now. I want to see what Wurz can do with it in Imola. Also, I look at that Kimi report with a large dose of skepticism. Until I see it on AtlasF1, I will not believe that he said that. Of course any team that wants to win would be delighted to pick him up.
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I'm a fan of anyone who drives a Ferrari. I have a lot of respect for Kimi's abilities.
Isn't Wurz the guy that they wanted to have 2" cut out of his legs because he's too tall? I heard the cockpit of the new McLaren is pretty cramped.
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an aside, from SkiRacing...

"Among other athletes who have considered renegotiating their equipment deals was Hermann Maier, who seemed to be playing with the idea of testing skis at the end of the season. But he confirmed last week that he would remain with Atomic skis. Seeing Maier on anything but Atomics, said one person from that company, would be like taking Michael Schumacher out of his Ferrari."
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Does anyone else beside me think the new McLaren might be a dud?
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Originally posted by Lucky:
Does anyone else beside me think the new McLaren might be a dud?
Might be? Yes, it might be, but it seems hard to tell right now. Kimi was 2nd fastest in 1st qualifying this weekend, so it seems that the speed is there. I'm pretty sure the lump is a dud, but if they can get it to run for a whole race, maybe he can do something with it.
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Button quickest in session two :
Michael still fastest for the day though. What will tomorrow bring?
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a blown mclaren engine perhaps?
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Right on that one cattrackslat. Or at least Kimi waved off for a fresh one at the start.
Quite a bit of action in the first lap.
Funny how when Juan Pablo puts MIchael in the grass it's a "racing incident" but when the shoe is on the other foot it's intentional and should be punished. He likens this to his contact with Ruebens at Indy. What happened in front of my eyes there was that he spun Ruebens into the gravel. It was really hard to see that there was actually contact here and besides, trying to pass on the outside there was pretty stupid when all the cars were running wide there all weekend anyway.
I'm really getting weary of JP's whining. He's still whining about Indy, claiming that "I would have been World Champion if not for the penalty". What about the two trips onto the grass JP? Or finishing a full lap behind the 6th place car?(over one minute down when the drive through cost 30 some seconds only). He should race with his car, not his mouth.
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interesting race for the first 10 laps!
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ryan, are you ready to cry "uncle" yet? At least the Sox are playing well so the color red may not seem so bad.

Mikie, has become one with his machine.
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I am choked about the new F-1 regulations. Maybe they ought to think about track redesign that would create more room for cars to pass.

By the time the officials get done we are going to have Formula Ford. :
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Finally some competition. Michael turns his ride into a trike. Rubens limps across the finish line. Who was the guy that rammed Michael...hmmm. Yarno seems to be coming on strong this year. Where were the M&M boys?
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At least Micael's not whining about it(or as Patrick Head says "bleating") when the shoe's on the other foot.
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Slatz, do you think it would be feasible to widen and lengthen some of the tracks to allow for more passing? I would rather see them do this instead of restricting the equipment.
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