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Formula One, 2004 - Page 6

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Because Ford just pulled out!
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thanks, db

much as i kindasorta hate to say it, those are some cool sticks.
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I might be interested if they had the horse on the topsheet.
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Just joining the thread...what do you guys think is going to happen w/ Button? Personally, like Montoya said I think he has to be high to want to go to Williams from BAR.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
That is fckn insane. Just shows that old BErnie only cares for Money. Silverstone was the orginal F1 track for christs sake. Bastads.
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Welcome. It's been kind of dead around here lately.
I watched the Japanese race at midnight then left the country for a week but there was no change here.
Glad to see it's picking up again.

Nice skis! The horse would be a clincher but it would probably double the price.
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I saw a pair in St. Anton that did have the horse. They were probably a year older or newer I don't know which. They also had the MS signature much smaller. I thought about buying them, but I already had a pair of "plain" P40 F1s, and I've always liked Mika better.
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I don't know how to break this to all the Schumacher fans out there but

Schumi's Lieblingsmusik: (Favourite Music) Phil Collins, Michael Jackson : , Marianne Rosenberg, Whitney Houston :

What do Schumacher fans buy their girlfriends? op

The ultimate race chair?
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What are the odds that Rubens will finally win his "home Grand Prix"?
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I think they are good. He has consistently been in the front pack, and unless someone tags him he should be a contender.
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So far so good.
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Rubino Yesss!
Will they put another "monster motor" in Michael's car and start from pit lane again?
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Tomorrow will be the first time I have pulled for a Ferrari F1 car since Gerhard Berger left the team. That is of course unless Kimi has a chance to win the thing.
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I hope so, he's sure a stand-up guy -- don't want it to happen like last year again!

It will be very interesting to see how strategy goes -- if it rains, who set-up w/ extra downforce? Should be a good race to close!
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Not to be. Boy, those guys looked worked at the end. I happen to be a pretty big Montoya fan ever since his great rookie season in CART so there is that -- his wife is sure a cutie.
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I think if it had stayed wet, Kimi would have won. It sure looked like he had a lot of wing. Nice way for Monty to end the season. Could anyone tell which car get sandwiched at the start? It looked like it might have been DC. Maybe that would explain his abyssmal race.
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That should satisfy the bored ones.
Kind of unusual to see Ferrari get caught out on stratagy.
That wraps it up til next March. I'm sure not complaining.
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Yea, nice tight race. The passes between Rubens and Kimi near the start were awesome.
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Well hey guys, Red Bull buys Jaguar! How do you like that. Toyota powered Jordans too.
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Shouldn't be boring.
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