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You missed a really interesting first few laps!
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I tried to tape it but the programmer on the tape screwed up (defective operator)
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on "talking"


Oh ryan it's that time of year again. Michael 20 Rubens 13, Ferrari 33. The McLaren nightmare continues.

Hi Slatz, I've just been busy skiing and trying to make it to the end of the season (shoulder surgery coming soon). I'm waiting for people to start calling Ferrari the New York Yankees of F-1.

ryan has been strangely silent. He must be in pain, Boston loses their opener, Lakers lose, Kimi turns his ride into a blowtorch and DC looks like he needs training wheels. I bet the track workers didn't want to get anywhere near the M&M boys.

Does anyone else beside me think the new McLaren might be a dud?

ryan, are you ready to cry "uncle" yet? At least the Sox are playing well so the color red may not seem so bad.

Finally some competition. Michael turns his ride into a trike. Rubens limps across the finish line. Who was the guy that rammed Michael...hmmm. Yarno seems to be coming on strong this year. Where were the M&M boys?

Another 1,2 for Ferrari. Looks like the only way Juan Pablo can beat Michael is to ram him. I didn't get to see this race, but I noticed the M&M boys didn't last long. Another flame thrower?

Ferrari 1,2. There was a lot of talk about brakes going away on this course, I guess some of the teams took it to heart and decided to make a few modifications. Boneheads. Ryan, what happened to Kiki and Coldturd?

Maybe I should just post the same thing for the rest of the season. Ferrari 1,2
Glad to hear that Ralphie appears to be ok.

Has ryan lost interest in F-1?

At the risk of being repetitive, Michael wins again. Ferrari, 1 & 3.

Only disappointment for those not driving the car with the prancing pony.

Michael wins again. Another McLaren turned into a 3 wheeler. ryan, ready to call uncle yet?

I see the whiners are out in force after another Ferrari 1,2. It won't always be this way for Ferrari so I am enjoying it. ryan just in case you missed it Ferrari 1,2 Michael,s driver points 120, Constructors Ferrari 202, record 12 victories for Michael this year.

Do you really think Ferrari does the volume of some of the other auto companies?


and all RYAN'S "TALK":

It's back.

First up, Melbourne, 7 March.

Last year's top three: 1)Coulthard, 2)Montoya, 3)Raikkonen.

Fast lap and lap record: Raikonnen, 1:27:724

North America notes: Canadian GP 6/13, United States GP, 6/20.




some things are better left unsaid...


an aside, from SkiRacing...

"Among other athletes who have considered renegotiating their equipment deals was Hermann Maier, who seemed to be playing with the idea of testing skis at the end of the season. But he confirmed last week that he would remain with Atomic skis. Seeing Maier on anything but Atomics, said one person from that company, would be like taking Michael Schumacher out of his Ferrari."




poor bernie...


a blown mclaren engine perhaps?


how can a team that for all intents and purposes has never started collect so many did-not-finishes?

it's gotta be getting LOUD in the chats the boys are having with each other.


Juan Pablo Montoya hasn't telephoned injured F1 team-mate Ralf Schumacher to pass-on a 'get well soon' sentiment because "I haven't got his phone number."

Schumacher, 29, crashed at Indianapolis and fractured two back- bones.

Asked by the Times if Colombian-born Montoya might pick-up a phone book or ask Frank Williams for Ralf's number, the feisty star replied: "No I don't think so."

"Maybe I'll get someone to send him a message."

What would I say? Did it hurt? I actually don't get on badly with him."

Juan reckons he has 'nothing' in common with introverted Ralf.

"I enjoy racing him," said Montoya. "But that's about it."

Like Ralf who's off to Toyota, Juan Pablo is leaving Williams at the end of '04, bound for pastures silver. "Frank's working his arse off," he said.

"They haven't got their acts together. It always takes to long for the car to be competitive. And it's been particularly bad this year. They know that."


(ferrari @ $418MILL leads the group)



2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004


what ferrari is chasing:

1988 F1 season. This was a good year again; McLaren won the drivers Championship, the constructors championship and 15 of the 16 races. The MP4/4 was driven by the both legendary Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. This was the last turbocharged McLaren (in 1989 turbo-engine would be forbidden), it is powered by the Honda 1.5 litre V6 engine, that was only used in this season. In the summer MP4/4's were used testing the new V10 3.5 litre Honda engine.


(LUCKY)"Do you really think Ferrari does the volume of some of the other auto companies?"

What does that have to do with F1 budgets?


be real nice if they put the right tires on the McLarens.


there ya go. all my trash talk from the season. obviously, i was WAY outta line. since that's case, let me add...Congrats, Kimi.


you win, dude. i'm outta the F1 stuff. Even I can't stand all my whining. You, on the other hand, only have to learn you talk out the other end.

Cheers, you Winner you.
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Are you bailing on us again ryan?
Didn't you try that last year?
C'mon, things are looking up for McLaren. You can't quit now.
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as i said, slatz, all my whining and trash talk has got to me.

i enjoy watching michael drive (unless he's pushing a mclaren off the track ) and enjoy the racing even when the mclarens aren't contending. it's good to see kimi hang in, not get too down, and drive the car well.

props to ferrari; they're quite the machine.

but i'll confine my bitching and moaning to baseball.
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Don't take it so seriously, this is supposed to be fun.
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over and done with, slatz.
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as in...

go McLaren.

although i do have to start from the back of the grid next race.
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Way to go
You don't have to start from the back because the next weekend hasn't started yet. You haven't changed anything.
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The top teams are all pretty close.
I'm off to Seattle and Ashland. Viewing may be scetchy.
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Slatz, I'll second that.
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ryan forgive me. Ferrari 1&2 Rubens gets the top spot on the podium.
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what can i say

it's been an awfully red year.

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Quite an exciting race I'd say. I think Michael passed about every one of his main rivals.
I was in Ashland OR. I stopped into the Unocal 76 station that is owned by a woman from Argentina named Anna. Her husband and she worked for Fangio. She has pictures of them at races in the office. She was quite delighted with the race. "One of the best" she said. I think she was happy to find another F-1 fan in Ashland. Appearantly there aren't too many.
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I have been hearing rumours about some changes for next year. V8s and restrictions on the number of tires. Tell me it can't be true.
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found object

"The FIA said that in 2006 a 2.4 litre V8 engine would replace the current three litre V10 units. Teams that cannot obtain a 2.4 litre engine will be allowed to use the old one with power restricted by a rev limiter."

-LONDON, July 16 (Reuters)
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2.4 means cutting two cylinders off the V10. Sounds reasonable.
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First and last. Should be interesting.
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
2.4 means cutting two cylinders off the V10. Sounds reasonable.
IIRC, this was done ostensibly to "reduce costs."

With 300 million dollar plus budgets, how much cost do you think is tied up in the hardware for two cylinders?

New engine development for this year= way more money. And these engines will be basically clean-sheet designs. You don't just lop two cylinders off a V10 and expect to be competitive.
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I haven't had a chance to watch the video tape yet but it looked like a great race from the write ups.
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ryans' favorite color topped the podium again.
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Let's not be picking on ryan.
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pick away.
sox in the playoffs.
(sometimes i like red just fine.)
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My stepdaughter lives in Boston and is a huge sox fan. She took my wife to a game and now my wife is hooked too (my wife's a Packer fan too). (Baseball, is the paint dry yet, yawn)
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...No British Grand Prix at Silverstone next year
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
...No British Grand Prix at Silverstone next year
What? No Silverstone on the F1 calendar . . . . is it just me, or is Bernie a dickweed?

They keep trying to -

Slow F1 down
Make F1 less expensive
Give the fans a better

Blah, blah, blah Short of totally emasculating F1; until those who make and enforce the rules are smarter than the engineers that build the cars to those rules, the cars will continue to get faster and faster. Changing engine, tire or other rules is not going to achieve the cost savings or the slowing of the cars they're looking for - hell, what's next a spec motor? Tony George taking over Bernie's throne? Arghhh!

I suggest following Gilles Villeneuve's recommendation: Take off the wings and double the horsepower - then we'll see who can really drive.
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IG, there was an interiew with him last night on the news. Basically, Silverstone weren't prepared to offer enough cash for the GP. One of the other tracks had to get government money to pay Bernie's fees.
Bernie's take on it was that Silverstone needs to make improvements before they will be let back in, but he says it won't be before 2007.
I live about 50 miles from the track, and on our local news they were saying that it will reduce the income to the area by £30million (about $55million) each year.
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Why don't they make the changes and call it formula ford.
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