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Opinion on snowboard bindings

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I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to gear and I need to buy bindings for my old burton board (12 years old but in good shape). Right now it has one of those step-in bindings which I've hated for a long time now and i want to change that, so the opinion of you good folks is really appreciated. I'm going to Whiteface in 3 days so I have to buy my bindings from a local store immediately.


These are my options. I'd like to spend as little as possible on bindings (nothing over $220, but preferably around $150). So if you see anything that is decent please let me know:


I'm an intermediate snowboarder, male, shoe size 9. If there's nothing good in there then I'll just do rental and buy my bindings later from an online retailer.


Thanks for helping me out.

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I don't snowboard...but my daughter does. 

1) You want to check out binding screw pattern.  SOME Burton boards have proprietary patterns and make using non-Burton bindings difficult. 

2) Bindings CAN be moved over from one board to another, which should be a consideration cuz I'm betting you'll want a new board sometime if you keep riding.  Boards have not changed as much as skis, but there have been definite changes/improvements in 12 years. 

3) My daughter (now an instructor at Park CIty) says that differences in bindings are really not huge -- mostly in stiffness and amount of plastic vs metal.  You won't really "feel" the difference in one strap binding over another until you're riding a LOT.  (but you will notice difference in strap vs. step-in).  Snowboards are even more graphics/image driven than ski equipment, so a lot of "differences" are only looks.


Good luck.

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That Burton board will have the 3D hole pattern.  Which I believe Burton has phased out in favor of their EST system.  That and the fact the patent ran out on the 3D pattern.  It sucked anyway.


Boards have changed a huge amount.  Most manufacturers have dumped cambered decks in favor of some sort of hybrid rocker and camber design. For good reason for the most part.  There is still a group out there that likes camber, but not many.


For whatever binding you go with, you need to make sure they have Burton 3D compatible discs.  Flux, K2, Union, Raiden, all make quality bindings that should work well with that deck. The biggest question is if they'll have a 3D disc so you can mount them properly.

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