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Recommendation for a Single, Beginner Skier?

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Hi there!



I'm planning to head skiing during the second or third week of January by myself, and I'd love a recommendation from all of you experienced skiers!



[I've only been skiing twice, both times recently, and both times it was at Taos. I had a great time, but I was with a group of friends from New Mexico, and I don't think it would a good place to go alone. It's hard to reach and the town, though beautiful, is very quiet after hours.]





Here's what I'm looking for

-Fun or appropriate for singles (I'm heading out alone)

-Good, affordable ski instruction

-Good snow 

-Not awful to reach from airport 

-Beautiful and fun!




Thanks so much in advance! I really appreciate it. 


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Welcome to Epicski!  Glad you had a good time on skis and want to do it again, even though you don't have a ski buddy to travel with.


For a trip to the Rockies, the place with the most options near a major airport that doesn't have snow issues is Salt Lake City.  Several places that are great for learning within an hour of the SLC airport.  Can be done virtually on any type of budget, from low to high.  The least stressful way would be to stay in a lodge up at Alta if the trip is all about skiing.  They all are ski in/out and includes at least breakfast and dinner.  If you don't mind a small room or a dorm room, really not that expensive either since don't need a car.  Singles can sit at tables for folks who are interested in making friends of all ages.  Personally, my favorite is Alta Lodge.  Alta has a great ski school.


How long a trip are you thinking about?


Is there flexibility about when to go? If late March is a possibility, come join in the fun at Big Sky.  That's when the annual EpicSki Gathering is happening.  Starting at Bridger, which is a very economical place for lessons, either group or private.  While advanced/experts love Big Sky, there is plenty of terrain for beginners and intermediates.  I convinced a friend join a small gathering there last winter and she enjoyed herself a lot.  She was traveling alone but had little trouble finding roommates for sharing a condo, which made the trip more fun and a great value.  She was a cautious intermediate on her first trip out west.

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Breckenridge is a town that grew into a ski resort. It's actually the oldest Colorado town west of the Continental Divide, and folks first used skis here in 1859. Some of the best beginner terrain anywhere begins a few steps off of Main Street. You can fly to Denver, use a shuttle service to Breck and get anywhere in Summit County (Copper, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin) with the free bus services.
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Thanks so much, everybody, for the recommendations! This is incredibly helpful. 


I've never been to Utah, so that's definitely intriguing. I'm definitely going to look into Alta, Utah, and the places easy to reach from Salt Lake City. 


As for Colorado - how difficult is it to reach Breckenridge from the shuttle at the Denver Airport? Long drive?



Thanks so much!




(all other recommendations are very welcome!)

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There are several shuttle services from DIA to Summit County, all of which you can book either for a ride to a bus transfer point (usually cheaper, but you end up hucking your gear) or to the front door of your lodging. The bus services, again, are free. So if you go for the transfer point like Frisco Station, and you want to get to Breckenridge, you take a county-run bus. In Breckenridge there is a combination of free town-operated bus routes and free resort-run buses. Most of the town and resort routes will get you to or close to any address in town. Travel time should be 90-120 minutes.
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