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Rossi Experience 88 vs Fischer Watea 88 or 84

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Hey y'all.......Making a purchase within the next week and here's the dilemma......


Went to demo day at Okemo VT last weekend........Out of the plethora of boards I tried, the Rossi Experience 88 's @ 170cm were by far the best for me........just the perfect ski for my weight, height (5' 9"....165 Lbs)......and importantly, my style.  I really dig 'em.


The downside is that my local mom & pop shop is not a Rossi dealer due to their volume minimums.....and I can get a great deal on the Wateas (because we purchased boots, rentals, etc. from them).......which they say are akin to the Rossi 88 's.  Unfortunately, the Fischer rep packed-up and bailed before I could try the Watea 88 's ...... so I couldn't demo 'em.


So the question is..........Has anyone skied BOTH the Rossi e88 and the Watea 88 (or 84 for that matter) ? ........ If so, I'm really interested to hear the direct comparisons between them....... not really interested in hearing about other skis I should consider.......just keeping it simple and narrowed down to these two.


Thanks in advance!

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If you demo'd and  found the Rossi to be the perfect ski, don't buy anything else without trying it. Regardless of what anyone here says. What is great for you can be a dog for someone else and vise versa. Try then buy = many happy ski days. Buying what someone else likes can = many days of regrets and you will forget the $ savings quickly.

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I'm with JW.  In spades.

  In addition, I've skied the E88.  I've not skied the Watea.  But from my reading (caveat, caveat, caveat), the Wateas are a lighter, soft-snow oriented ski.  The E88 has some beef to it that the Fischers may not.

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Totally agree JW ..... I figured, statistically speaking, strength in numbers........that is to say if enough folks portrayed the Watea to be extremely close to the Rossi 88's, if not spot on, it may warrant a pick up of the Wateas at my shop, followed by an early morning run up to Hunter Mt this weekend to demo (which would not sit well with the wifey.....Christmas tree, kids sports, just too much goin' on for the holiday's ya know?).


Conversely, if a majority of people opined that they are nowhere near similar in characteristics.......then I'd bite the bullet and dig in for the Rossi's and not look back at the Watea's.



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Thanks TCH......And that's what I'm hearing about the Wateas......more of a softer snow type......will hold their edge out here in the northeast, but a bit of chatter to them at speed and thru some of the faster carves.  I guess I'm simply trying to confirm all my research at this point!

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I have skied all three and despite the width similarities, they are pretty different skis. Generally speaking, the purpose of a demo is to find something you like and then buy it. When you find something good and then try to get something that's the same but cheaper, you end up going down the wrong path or get yourself so confused that you don't know what to do.


IAC, it sounds as if you are on the right track and the advice given above is sound.



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Just curious which ski you went with.
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Originally Posted by tjarowland View Post

Just curious which ski you went with.

The OP has not posted in 14 months so maybe you shouldn't put too much hope in getting a reply.



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I went with a Watea 84 myself. :D

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