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Tahoe Conditions?

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Considering flying out to Tahoe for a few days of skiing. Anyone out there who can comment?

My first of the season so will be mostly groomers and easy access side country. Thinking Heavenly and a quick exploratory trip to Kirkwood and/or Northstar (I have three days and a VR Epic Pass)
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Over the past 2 weeks: tons of snow above 9,000 feet, lots of rain below 7,000.  So if I had 3 days in your situation I'd spend 2 at Kirkwood (100% open), 1 on the upper tier slopes at Heavenly and not bother with Northstar which tops out at 8,600.  The Heavenly day should be NOT on a weekend as the base area access to the mountain is still limited and a potential bottleneck with even modest crowds.

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Thank you!
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