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Ski replacement

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I have a complicated problem.

After buying a new pair of skis mid season last year (Dynastar Powertracs), I now need to send them back for warrany evaluation. I was skiing at mary jane doing bumbs all days and noticed that night that the front end of one ski had decambered (bent upward) slightly. The flaw is only noticable on groomed slopes, where the ski chatters more and engages its edge more slowly.
Dynastar says the ski can be replace if I send it to them with the bindings off. They will then evaluate the bend and decide whether to replace it.
The rest of the ski has some fairly signifigant scratches (one to the core) and the edges are well dulled and now rusted.(forgot to wipe them for the ride home stupid me) However the skis have only seen 20 some days on the snow.
My problem is first, whether to send them in or not (a replacement is not garenteed), and whether to pay the money and have them stone ground and sharpened before I send them to be replace. Even though I wouldn't use them again, I fear that a ski looking well used will be less likely to be replaced.

Any suggestions?
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I have had 2 relevant experiences that might be of interest. My friend snapped a pair of the early orange Big's in half at the heal piece. He landed a cliff on a rock. He sent them back and Dynastar offered him the new model for $250. I have heard of Dynastar offering the $250 price one other time as well.

A bunch of years ago I had a pair of K2's that were bent torsionally as well as longitudinally. They too looked rather wrecked with core shots and lots of edge damage. Sent them back and had brand new boards in a few weeks.

I would definitely send them back. I would be very surprised if you didn't get anything from Dynastar. I would try and clean up the bases and edges a bit, but wouldn't spend big bucks.
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Rossi (same corporate giant as Dynastar) will match your one good board with the same length and model for a mere $55.00 bucks if they don't find fault in their product. Maybe Dynastar will do the same. I've done this twice with Rossi in the past 3 three years. They're really nice about it! In both cases it was my fault; I blew the edge and sidewall against a rock.

Oh, don't bother having them tuned before sending them in. Just show them what you got. Believe me, they've seen it all.

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It's really nice to read that the ski manufacturing companies are so all fired accomodating, but frankly, if you did all that to a ski that MY company manufactured, I'd tell you to take a hike. Skis are pretty rugged, and to do all that damage takes a lot of really unreasonable force. Skis are not manufactured to land on rocks. Lighten up and take a little care, will ya?!

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Not sure about what happens in 2002 but back in the days of Volkl P9 slalom skis I bent three pair (tip in the bumps) and all where replaced with a new pair. One in Oz, One in Japan and One in Suisse. I loved that ski too much.

Just take the ski off your foot and send it in. If you have no guilt, stay true and politely but firmly request a replacement.


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oz, did those skis have any metal layer?
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