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St. Johann in Tirol, Austria. 2003. 6 days of skiing. Was incredible. It's low altitude, but got hit with a big dump (luckily) just before we got there.


We were in a very large group lesson, which sucked. Paid for 6 full days of lessons, but after day 3 went off on our own as it was just not worth it and we felt holding us back, already.


On Mountain dining was incredible...weather was incredible.


Hooked me forever.

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My first time was night skiing at Campgaw Mountain Montvale NJ in January 1968.

The hill under the lift was not an option in my mind - too steep, so the only other choice

was a T-Bar and bunny hill.


My Mom would bring my sister and I on Thursday nights for the next couple of years

as Campgaw offered a discount of 50% to Bergen County residents. That was HUGE!

So instead of paying $2.00 for the night lift ticket it was $1.00.

I thought Campgaw was in Mahwah.

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1985 - Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, MA - all 50 feet of bunny slope for my first lesson at 5 y.o. 

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I thought Campgaw was in Mahwah.

Ah, someone paying attention thx. yes Mahwah.

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Bear Valley, CA.

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Must've been like 1998, at Alpine Meadows. I started off with a bang biggrin.gif

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Mt Cranmore, NH, 1968, age 5.
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1975, Seven Springs, PA, before it improved its old double chair lifts to quads and sixpacks, and before it expanded to new terrain on the other side of North Face with two new lifts.

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December 1963 at Stevens Pass.  Now beginning my 50th season. I don't think I've had a season when I have not skied there at least once, except this one.  Yet.

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Bristol Mountain, NY.  My parents used to be ski instructors there, so I was a slope baby.  

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Timberline OR, 1977 high school ski club.

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Snow Summit 1974. Night Skiing the Miracle Mile in Levis, burrrrrr!

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Boreal Ridge 1973 or 1974
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1987 19 years old at general butler state park in Carrollton ky. Had a blast there, they are no longer open for skiing.
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My first turns were all earned. I've got a 8mm movie of some first runs in a packed powder county park. 


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9 or 10 yrears old  outside Everett, Ontario on father's skis they were so big and bindings so far apart I could only stand on them not fastening the bindings. I spent a cold winter's evening until I could balance down the tiniest hill without falling off. When I got my own skis, it was a family day out on the weekend to the nearest farmer's field and after 4 or 5 runs each and sidestepping up the slope it was groomed. Of course there was another option to get up the hill it was called herringbone!

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Feb. 1960

Dryden Ski Area

Dryden, MI (about 50 miles north of Detroit)

Unfortunately this small family resort closed mid '60s

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The first time must have been in 1984, at Vihti Ski Center with all 275 ft vertical. The slopes were scary, specially the "race slope" named after Stenmark (if I remember correctly he actually was there for the opening). I went to Vihti a few years ago and the Stenmark still was scary but mostly because people are skiing across the slope right below the very short steep part to get from the "back slopes" to the "front slopes".

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1973 Ft.Wainwright,AK.

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Mid-1980's at Heavenly while at a two week business conference in Silicon Valley.

Bunch of us drove through a snow storm to spend the weekend skiing in South Lake Tahoe.

I optimistically bought a two day pass to ensure that I'd get my money's worth.

Got the two minute lesson from a friend - "do this to go right, do that to go left, do another to stop".

Did okay on the groomers, but was mystified when I found myself in my first mogul field - it wasn't pretty.

Had fun, but was so wiped out that I couldn't find the right condo until a friend took pity and guided me in.

Could barely walk the next day, so spent it in the hot tub while my buddies skied.


Fast forward fifteen or so years after we had moved to the west coast, and I had my second "first day", this time at Sierra-at-Tahoe.

Took a real lesson this time, along with my wife and our niece. Much better results as though sore, I could actually walk the next day.

My wife and I ended up becoming regular skiers and are very much looking forward to this season.


Both resorts are of course still in operation, and much more fun than when I first skied them.


Cool thread - it brought back lots of fond memories.


Thanks KevinF,      rick p

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Cut my first turns in the 70's on the Goldie rope tow on Grouse. Must've ruined a couple of gloves that first season. Generations have skied "the cut" and you were something if you could ski "inferno". When Cypress opened we played around with XC gear on Hollyburn Mountain. Across the parking lot Cypress had just opened up and had two chairs.

Skied Grouse once again few years ago (only time in over thirty years). They now have a quad chair that goes from the bottom of Blueberry Bowl up to the Peak so you no longer need the 2 chairs to do  Inferno, Hades and Purgatory.  Those runs have not changed, still serious bumps with frozen chunks nicely concealed with ice shavings (Grouse Mt powder) Enjoyed it, felt like I was in a time warp .   

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Middlebury College Snow Bowl in Middlebury, Vermont, sometime in the mid 60's. (At way too young an age to remember the exact year.)  It was the late 60's before I actually started skiing and not slogging around the base area. Leather lace-up boots and wooden skis. First turns were accessed by side stepping up the bunny hill, no lift involved for several years. Graduated to a poma lift that would lift me off the ground at the start of the run. Kids are wusses nowadays!

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1962, Victor Constant Ski Slope, West Point, New York.

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Early 80's in Winterburg Germany... bad snow year only one run open (man made snow) queued for 30 minutes every run, still didn't put me off and still skiing to this day... can't wait til' Jan get to ski USA for the first time... Breck here we come!!!! biggrin.gif
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1961 Tamarack Ski area, Angola Indiana.  Some foolish investor built a little ski area with one rope tow, a poma, a chair and a lodge.  He tried to emulate Boyne by importing one Austrian instructor, Freddie Bissig.  Luckily, mom and dad got the bug. Mom and I were Freddie's biggest clients.  Freddie didn't make much, so he ate at our house a lot.

After a couple of years,  the investor torched the lodge and Freddie moved to Aspen.  Back then there was a ski train from Chicago to Aspen.  My parents started going yearly in 63 and taking me in 69.

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Late eighties Powder Ridge in Middletown, CT.  Night skiing only for me at the time.  No goggles or helmet.  First time I did a 360 and thought I was awesome!  I saw the mention of Mt. Southington.  I remember it well.  That was the "bigger" of the two mountains in CT!  LOL

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Erewhon Park ski field in the 197o's. I was six. http://mtpotts.co.nz/history/ It was a small commercial ski field in the Southern Alps of the South Island, which then became a club field and finally a heliskiing operation which, if it is up and running next year I am thinking about skiing. http://www.helipark.co.nz/

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I started skiing at age 8 the winter of 1967-68 at "The Big A" (Mt Agamenticus) in York Maine. We lived 15 minutes away, so though small, it was close and had night skiing also.

 Started on the rope tow (which seemed at the time to go about 20 miles an hr and ripped the crap out of our gloves) then graduated up to the t-bar then the chair.

 Nice little mountain near the Maine coast, had a summit elevation of 700 feet with a verticle of about 500 feet and maybe 8 trails. It was an "upside down mountain" meaning you drove to the top of the hill  where the lodge was.

 The views from the top were spectacular as you could see the Maine Coast/Atlantic Ocean just to the east as well as Mt Washington and The Presidential range to the north. 


The ski area closed in 1974 but the road to the top is still open and those great views are still there so if anyone is ever in S. Maine and wants to check it out...some nice hiking trails to the top also. Brings back great memories!

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Campgaw was my first too, but I thought it was in Mahwah! I was a toddler in the early 90s, so glad my dad went to the effort to bring me up there.


He did the same for my sister a few years later, and most recently for their late-in-life baby, my lil bro. He's totally ski-spoiled now though. When I was growing up my parents had the budget to take us on day trips to Great Gorge/Vernon Valley, Sterling Forest, Hunter, Windham, and we thought it was the best thing ever. Now that they have 15 more years of work and salary behind them, my lil bro got to try out Steamboat in one of his first seasons. "Steamboat is way better than Killington," he says. "The snow is so fluffy!" Tell me about it. :)

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Here. On this hill on this rope tow. I grabbed my mom's legs for the rides up that first day.

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