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1972 back yard Alexandria, VA

73-76 back yards and farm fields in Minnesota. We even set gates on the hills we hiked.  And JUMPS!  Lots of jumps.

1976 first lift served skiing at Buck Hill.  I basically lived there until I went to college in Oklahoma.  Skied out west during those years.

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1945 in a hilly meadow beside the road to our family cottage south of Traverse City, MI, standing on the beartrap bindings of my dad's skis. It was a two-family outing where the parents took turns driving a car back up to the top of the hill.

Next several years, kids in the neighborhood hiked a few blocks to the country club, which had a deep gully. High school girls would pull a couple toboggans loaded with sleds, sitskis and skis with the kids walking behind. We'd take turns sliding down the sides of the gully via the various types of sliding gear and then the girls would take us all back to the neighborhood. Most of the skis just had a toestrap and we all just wore rubber boots and street shoes.

In 1950, the town and school board collaborated to open a rope tow on a bowl-shaped piece of ground the schools owned at the edge of town. That venture was so successful, the town's recreation department started development of Hickory Hills, a facility which still operates for the benefit of community kids.
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1956 at the now defunct Paradise Ski area on Mt. Rainier, 5 years old.  A lot of skiing history there: 10th Mountain, Olympic Trials, a considered site for Sun Valley.  A bachelor family friend was our instructor; he was amazing, he could snowplow backwards.

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Hi, the first place I went skiing was Livigno, Italy. Seems so long ago now (17 years) but I still remember the amazing lasagna at the Galli bar! Now I am a regular in France. David

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Hi my first day on skis was actually at a dry ski slope in SE England. For anyone unfamiliar with "dry slope skiing" there is no snow, you ski on either a honeycomb of bristles or woven plastic material, which means some serious friction burns if you fall on any exposed skin. 

 My first "real snow" experience was in Borovets Bulgaria which has approx 40km of slopes rather than 1 150m slope. What a difference that made. 

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First time - 1962 - Garmisch, on the Bavarian border.  I don't remember (I was 3), but there are home movies as evidence.  Garmisch was and still is a US military playground.


We brought the bear trap skis back from Germany, and would drag them out when it snowed in Kansas in the mid-60's.  No turning, no poles, hope your feet stayed in the bindings.  It was skiing, barely.


First lift-served skiing - 1973 - Bogus Basin, Idaho.  Rental gear - I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - consisted of leather laceup slush buckets and actual bindings. 4 weekends of lessons and I was hooked.

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Heavenly...it was a drought year and we started at Mammoth where we had pre-booked for 2 days (I think just before X-mas), but they had no snow so we drove up to Heavenly. 

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Mt. Ashland, Oregon, 1977.

I went with my father, who tried to show my mother how to ski. Now they're divorced.

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1967   I had just moved to the San Francisco area to live and attend college and my sister and her husband took me to Squaw Valley and that was it - I was addicted and still can't get enough.  I think that place is still there.

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1965 Sugar Bowl


Thanks Dad!yahoo.gif

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IIRC it was Mount Royal in Montreal.  I remember it was cold, going down was fun and walking up with my skis in my arms while getting snow in my leather boots - not so much.

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At Fieberbrunn in Austria.  The place is definitely still there.  I was back this past summer and didn't recognize ANYTHING.  

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1980 Snow Summit, CA. I fell and couldnt get up for an hour... Still working on fall recovery

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Our dad took me and my sister to ski for the first time at Vernon Valley/Great Gorge in NJ in 1979 or 1980. 


We were both ice skaters (me hockey, her figure skating) so we got the basics down pretty quickly and had a great time.



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Eaglecrest, Juneau


I moved from central Texas to Alaska with my dad and step-mom in 1977 when I was 14.  I'd probably seen snow about 5 times in my life, and I couldn't wait to go skiing.  My dad tried to get me to take up nordic (I think he didn't want to pay for lift tickets) but I balked.  I took my savings I had earned mowing lawns and other odd jobs and bought downhill skis and a season pass.  I've been obsessed since!

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3 yrs old at Badger Pass, Yosemite.  After that some day trips to Dodge Ridge, but my first season pass was a $50 childs pass at Heavenly Valley. CA.



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I love all these stories from the Bear's first days out!  This is great reading!  Keep 'em coming!

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The year was about 1984.  My mom brought me and my brother to Four Lakes.  Here's the trail map:







All tow-ropes. all the time.  I made it to 3.  My gloves were gone, worn through by the rope.

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Originally Posted by snofun3 View Post

With my sister and (to be) brother in law in 1967 at the uber-gnar, Mount Southington, CT.


I have to go back some time just for nostalgia's sake.


They were making snow the last couple nights!


snowfalling.gif snowfalling.gif

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^^^Remember breaking the tips off my Northland's there, as well as getting to hate my Olin Mk II VCE's

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It was 1996, in Portillo, Chile.

I was 16, and made the trip with a friend from school.
The package included 3-4 hours of classes each day, and 4 meals!
By the end of the first day I was already hooked! What a week!
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I was 5 yrs old at Belknap Mtn Recreation Area, New Hampshire. My parents bought me a ski lesson but someone must have neglected to sell them a lift ticket. It was an adult class. All the rest of the class and the instructor rode the rope tow while the kid floundered around at the bottom. A few times the instructor must have come by and lectured me about something.


I've been a cynic ever since.

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Eldora in the EARLY 1980's, when it was struggling to say open and the original Corona double was derelict.


In 1985, my family moved from Boulder to Colorado Springs, and I put in a lot of time at Ski Broadmoor.


My first top to bottom ski run was at Keystone, before the Gondola went in. I guess that makes it 1983.


My family discovered Monarch late, in 1989 or so. Quickly became our favorite area to go.

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In an alfalfa field rope towed behind a pickup truck out on the Colorado plains...early 70's. First real run at Monarch, 1978
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1962. I was three and a half. With my dad at Muskoka Sands in Ontario Canada. I still remember hearing the Beatles "a taste of honey" in the lodge. One run and maybe 300 vertical. He took me between his legs and I stood on his skis and down we went. I've been hooked ever since. There's nothing better and those memories are precious to me. Thanks to my dad for a lifetime of wonderful memories.
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These are all great posts. I think there's also a spinoff thread brewing here: "I wouldn't be a skier if it weren't for..." Lots of people seem to have a key person who got them started and a story behind it.


For me, it was my family's friend, Dr. Bob, who's also the father of my childhood best friend and his younger brother (Epic: Jellyroll; he skied with me at White Grizzly a couple years ago: http://www.epicski.com/t/102538/prickly-gives-up-his-stash).


Bob learned to ski in Europe after the war and has been a regular at St. Anton ever since. Stateside, he became a Mad River devotee, and dragged our family along one winter 40 years ago. I've been hooked ever since.


Through the years, Dr. Bob has sworn by three hills: MRG in the East, Snowbird in the West (where I ski--bummed for a season, sleeping on his sons' floor) and St. Anton here in Europe. I've been trying to prove him wrong for years, sampling all kinds of other areas, but you know what? He's got it about right.


Bob, an orthopedic surgeon, also got me hooked on ski racing through Nastar, an affliction which eventually provided him with some extra work after a big crash in a GS at Blackcomb in Jan. 1987. I've skied with Dr. Bob and his younger son at St. Anton a couple times in recent years and though he's not much of a skier anymore, Bob is the best guide to St. Anton you could hope for. 


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My first time was night skiing at Campgaw Mountain Montvale NJ in January 1968.

The hill under the lift was not an option in my mind - too steep, so the only other choice

was a T-Bar and bunny hill.


My Mom would bring my sister and I on Thursday nights for the next couple of years

as Campgaw offered a discount of 50% to Bergen County residents. That was HUGE!

So instead of paying $2.00 for the night lift ticket it was $1.00.

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Mt Crescent, Iowa in the mid 1970s -- a birthday gift from my Mom and Dad.  At that time they only had a rope tow and a poma lift.

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Mid-1960's, I was probably about six or seven years-old.  One of my sisters and I had been asking our parents to take us skiing for quite some time.  One day my mother dropped us off at the ski area at the Broadmoor.  I think they had a program for kids that included a lesson, lift ticket and rentals.  More than 45 years have passed and my memories have faded, but I do recall that it was really cold that day, and my rental boots were very uncomfortable.  My clothing was mostly wool and cotton, so after side-stepping up the hill (part of the first lesson) and struggling and falling on the way down, I was cold, wet and miserable.  I'm not sure what I found fun about that.  But I do remember watching the better skiers coming down and thinking that with more experience I could do that.  Fortunately, I've always been very athletic, and so within a few days I was making progress and enjoying the experience.  After two lessons they even let me use poles (we thought they only let the good skiers use poles)!  I skied quite a bit as a child and young adult.  Then, of course, life got in the way and I ended up married to a non-skiing southerner, who thought the only value of snow was in a snow cone.  About 15 years ago my then-eight year-old daughter asked me if we could go skiing for spring break, because that's what her friends were doing.  So we ended up in Snowmass for a week, with gortex - no wool or cotton.  The equipment was a lot nicer (wow, shaped skis!) and even the rental boots fit fairly well.  My kids loved it, and my wife had to admit that she had fun, even if it was cold.  Now my kids are addicted, I feel like I've been reunited with an old flame, and my wife is the one talking about buying a vacation property at a ski resort.

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Camelback. 12/25/75 Thanks PR for creating the passion. 

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