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Hello everybody i'm new in this forum and i'm goign to buy new backcountry ski. i reed few reviews and everyobdy love the new Nordica HELLDORADO ( What do you think it??? thanks Pulce

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Welcome to the forum!

While I have not skied mine yet, I got a pair of Patrons from Nordica for this season. Same as the Heldorado minus the metal.

Look at both in our gear review section! The Patron may be a better backcountry option.
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ok, i will check the section!!!



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Here are two more Helldo links: Nordica: Back in Black  Helldorado Review. 

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Hell Unleashed is an even better backcountry option.  It has nearly the same flex as the Patron but uses a lightened core.  It is very light for its size, even compared to many "backcountry" powder skis of the same girth.  For comparison, in 185cm length weight per pair is:  Helldorado 5400gr (if I remember correctly), Patron 4,790 gr, and Hell Unleashed 4,240 gr.  I have weighed and flexed the Patron and HU in person.  


Here's a good comparison of Helldorado and Patron:

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Having heard 'backcountry' beginning to mean pretty much anything ungroomed, let's clarify.


1.Will you be using them for lift accessed inbounds skiing?  

2. Lift accessed out of bounds (uncontrolled areas) with hiking or skinning involved?

3. Or will you be completely 'human powdered' for the up? If so, how much vertical will you be doing in a typical day? 


1 and 2, the Helldorado would be a great option. 


3, the Hell Unleashed, or dare I say it, narrower? There's a trade off between width and weight, not just the skis, but for skins as well. 

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pretty much i'm number 2 and i'm looking for a ski that work for hiking and big turn in a powger day!!

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Hey Pulce88,


Basically what everyone's been saying about the Helldorado is spot on. Markojp hit the nail on the head though when he asked about your backcountry skiing preferences. This question is definitely crucial to making the right decision, as there are a ton of different options for powder skis these days. The Helldorado specifically, is going to be geared more towards quick, high powered turns and descents. If you're the type of skier who searches out some pretty gnarly lines and drops, then the Helldorado would be a great choice. On the other hand, if you prefer a more "graceful" descent, where you're finding wide open powder fields and laying down some pow turns, then the Helldorado might be too much. In this case, you should take a look at the Patron. It's the same ski as the Helldorado, but without the two sheets of metal.


Of course if you are planning on touring with these skis, it's definitely worth looking at a somewhat new realm of skis that are targeted towards alpine touring. As Markojp points out, the Nordica Unleashed Hell would be a good option in this category. Also in the mix should be the 2013 K2 Backdrop. These skis are 114 under foot, have a pretty significant tip shovel (meaning they're going to float really nicely), and are optimized for AT skiing. They're about as light as they can be, and have a rivet in the tip, and a notch in the tail, making it super easy to attack skins (and not worry about them slipping off).


Ultimately it's going to come down to what you're looking for in this ski though. There's a ton of options out there, so you might have to do some digging. The perfect ski IS out there though, guaranteed. 


-Matt @

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Thanks a lot!


Right now i use a Moment Night train for everything (backcountry, big turn, deep powder) and i'm going to roger pass (canada) for 1 week of ski touring, and i would like to see if there is something lighter then Moment night train!!!

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Sounds like the Unleashed Hell would be your best bet of the Nordicas if you plan on skiing Rogers where there is a lot of vertical and a lighter ski would be a huge benefit.  I have a pair mounted for resort skiing and they are really quite powerful and stable for their light weight.  Very little compromise in terms of stability in cruddy and re-frozen snow.  Otherwise, there are skis of similar widths and weight from other manufacturers that you might consider; G3, Black Diamond, and K2 come to mind.

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