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Boot cuff still too big - what next?

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Hi guys I need some advice. I'm a female, and apparently I have long and thin legs?!?! - I cannot get my boot cuffs to fit snugly around my calves. 


I tried booster straps but after pulling them as tight *as I can pull them* and maxing out my buckles I can still fit my hand in between my boot and the back of my leg. 

I feel loosey goosey in my boots, and I'm unable to feel powerful in a turn unless I am perfectly balanced in my loose upper boots which is weird. I should mention that these boots fit snugly in the foot, it's just the leg that is too big. 


When I got the booster strap the man working at the time suggested I try putting an insert inside to fill the space. Is this a good option? Why does it seem like I am the only person with this problem???

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Much of the answer here may be related to the original boot choice.  The upper cuff circumference is generally related to the overall volume of the boot. If you have an exceptionally thin lower leg, the corresponding mass of your foot would usually be very low volume. Hence, your original boot choice should probably have been a lower volume boot. In general, it is usually not hard to get these to fit firmly around your lower leg. If however, your original boot choice was a more "comfort" (read higher volume) boot.....then the answer may not be as easy. Buckle catches can be moved inboard, bails can be shortened, liners can be beefed up, and other methods can be used.


Assuming that your original boot model selection was close to correct, you should be able to improve your situation. If your original boot choice was too big or the wrong volume for your overall picture.....then you have a tougher row to hoe.



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Thanks SierraJim. 


I certainly don't have much room in the foot, I can only wear the thinest synthetic sock, and occasionally I wear nylons. It's junior race boot actually, as most of the women's boot were even larger in the cuff! 

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there are a few boots out there with disproportionally oversized cuffs, and a few things that can be done as Jim has alluded to, have a chat with your boot fitter about moving the buckle tooth inserts around a bit, getting shorter buckles (like the ones on the lower two buckles of the boot as they are shorter than the cuff buckles) or adding material to the liner collar, some dense foam padding carefully positioned around the collar and on the tongue can help the situation, it must be dense foam because if you use anything soft it will feel great for about 1-2 runs then you will feel the wobble again

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what was said.


move buckles,

shorter buckles.

eleminator tounge

foam liner


a boot that fits all your foot/leg better.

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