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2010 Volkl Mantra Bevel

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Does anyone know what the factory bevel is for 2010 Mantra. These do not have any rocker.


I usually bevel everything .5 base and 2.5 side and sometimes 1 and 3.


Thanks in advance.


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1 base, 2'll need to get em flattened for a .5 of course. theyre kinda stout though (torsionally)...maybe a .75/1 base 3 side? just a thought...I have the same pair with a 1/3 smile.gif
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Thanks zetune. I was thinking 1/3 on this ski anyway, but curious to know what factory tune is. I'll probably start 1/2 and if I don't like it, change to 3 on the side.

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ZT is the man on this type of thing, but I'll add one point. How you tune the Mantra depends upon how you ski it. Is it part of a quiver or used as an all mountain ski in all conditions?  Do you use it primarily in soft snow, or quite a bit on ice? What are conditions on your home mountain? As  a mainly soft snow ski, a 2* side  bevel, 1* base bevel works well.

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I use it as my everyday ski in Mammoth, but on deep days I'll go with a wider ski.

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thanks for the nice compliment davluri-though i must say that there are others with much to offer as well...canatunamunch, vsirin, primoz, etc...wink.gif)

you've brought up a great point here, btw...a 1&2 is a great compromise for all mtn...not too much to hang you up off piste, but enough to hold on firm groomed:)


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