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  I'm a 40something yo advanced skier (mostly piste with the occasional off piste when the snow is really good)... I'll also gladly take recommendations on where I should ask my friends to go.  I'm sure my friends have a lot of good ideas but always trying to consider all possibilities.  Of course final decisions will be made based on conditions etc... at that time.

If you like groomers Panorama will be heaven for you - big vertical cruisers. Some gnarly stuff up top on Tanyon but mostly big time cruising. Excellent on hill accomodation, blue skys and beautiful scenery. They are in a 'snow shadow' so receive about 1/2 the snow of Fernie for example. You might get lucky with a big powder day but don't count on it. Kimberly is goomers on front and bumps on the back and IMHO is just an OK hill. Neither is repesentative of the more typical terrain found at Revy, Kicking Horse, Sunshine, Lake Louise, Fernie, etc. If you are leaving Panorama for a day trip you should look for more of a true Big Mountain experience so go north instead of south to either KH or LL depending on conditions. Easy drive and about the same distance either way.