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I am 43 years old and have been skiing on and off for 20 years. I live in Ct and ski mostly in Vermont. I ski blue cruisers with occasional black diamond, not an expert skier but a very aggressive intermediate. I dont ski the bumps or glades. I am looking for a good all mountain ski and boot recommendation. I am also going to Breckenridge Colorado in February. Should I just rent skis out there or will all mountain ski suffice. I skied on K2 Recons and Rictors in Colorado. My last skis were K2 elcominos. Thanks. Chris
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Hello and welcome to Epic Ski.


Concerning boots, I don't think anyone here can give you a reccomendation for boots as there are too many variables.  All the major brands have good models.  You need to find a ski shop you trust and let a bootfitter put you into a pair of boots that are right for your feet.  There are low, mid and high volume models for different foot shapes. You really do need to try some on and find what fits best and then buy the model that you can afford that also fits well, no matter the brand.


As for skis, I have been a big fan of Blizzard as of late and think the Magnum 7.6 or 8.0 CA would be a good choice for you.  The 8.0 will be a bit better for your trip out west, but both are fine skis that will help an aggressive intermediate become an advanced skier.  Both can handle most variable conditions both in the East and West if you are not venturing off the groomers. The 7.6 is a system ski which comes with their IQ binding system (made by Marker) and the 8.0 is sold flat.  I like the Marker Griffon binding on the 8.0.


Of course there are many other good quality skis that will fit your bill and I am sure others will chime in soon.  Another suggestion  is to only buy boots and rent or demo skis for this season till you find one you like and then buy that one.  This way you may be able to afford a better pair of boots when you split up the investment.


Good luck,


Rick G

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Hi Ct,

Another CT skier here.  If you're serious about boots (and there's been a thread here about how we always importune folks to focus on boots), go to Mt. Snow and see Nick Blaylock.  He can size you and determine your needs and offer options.  Incredibly good bootfitter.


As for skis, if you want new skis for everywhere, that's one thing.  But lately I've taken to bringing my boots and renting skis out west.  Depending on conditions, you can rent and try out skis that are probably too wide and soft for prototypical eastern skiing, and if conditions are not fresh/deep, you can demo more eastern-style skis so you can buy more intelligently for your standard conditions.

Oh, and I think you will find skis have really changed since your El Caminos!

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Welcome, ck1 - You and I ski the same places, I suspect, and I also do trips out west. It would help if you could tell us your weight, height, what you do and don't like about the skis you've rented, and ditto for your current boots. In general, think you're looking for a moderate flex ski in the 78-85 mm waist range, plenty of good ones out there, including what rickg recommends. As far as boots, the issue is finding ones that fit your foot shape comfortably and still provide enough support to help you improve. Best approach to that is to locate a good ski shop that has a certified fitter. You can go to the boot fitters forum here to ask for advice about stores in your area. Although personally, I've had better luck buying a boot at a shop near the place I'm skiing; lot easier to get them adjusted in the evening after you've been skiing while the issues are still fresh in your mind. Also more traffic is a good thing; the more times each week a fitter solves a problem, the better he's gonna get over time...

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