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Boot Trouble

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Hi guys,


A month or two back I decided to ditch my aging Nordica Speedmachine 10's and go to a real bootfitter for the first time for a new pair of boots.  I settled on PJ Dewey, someone who is highly acclaimed on this forum.  After going in and taking a look at my foot, he said I could pretty much pick whatever brand I wanted, so I picked the new Lange RS 130's.  He did put me in a 26 shell, which was a bit of a shock considering I was in a 28 before (I was expecting maybe a 1 size downsize, not a 2 size one).  I was super stoked to get out on the snow and try these things, but have been plagued with problems in my first two days on the snow.  


The first day out I experienced severe pain on the bottoms of my feet that forced me to take a break and remove the boots after the first run.  After that, I buckled them a bit looser and was able to ski the rest of the day, still with some pain though.  My second day, this past Sunday, was even worse.  I didn't even make it to the chairlift without having to turn around and take off my boots initially due to severe pain on the bottoms of my feet.  Then I put them on again, looser this time, and rode the chairlift up.  By the time I had reached the top, my left foot ha gone completely numb, and my right foot was a little numb as well.  I took the boots off for a second time, then put them back on and was able to ski down, but with the numbness starting to return when I reached the bottom.  My left foot seems to be more problematic than my right, both with pain and numbness.


A little about me, I'm 6'2'' 180 lbs.  Aggressive skier (probably a level 8 mid season).  I also had minor knee surgery in late October (not sure if this matters).  I have been told that I am knock kneed in my right leg before, but PJ did not see any need to change anything in the boot setup.


Just to clarify, I am in no way disappointed with PJ.  I actually was extremely impressed with his shop and expertise when I visited.  I'm writing this post simply to see what people think that the problem may be and to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong.  I realize that a lot of people need to go to their bootfitter more than once before they "get it right" and I'm assuming I fall into this category.  I'm going in to see PJ again this Thursday, and hopefully everything will be worked out then (I'm really hoping that it does because I leave VT for a month starting this Friday).  I have been wearing Smartwool socks with the boots BTW.  




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lots of things could be causing the issues, but without your feet in front of me i would be guessing, some of it could be the footbed, the liner or the shell, or a combination of all three.  you are booked in to see PJ in a day or 2 see what he says, it is always easier to deal with the problem when you have the boot and the foot to see what is going on


FWIW it is very common to move down a shell size or two, we tend to call it right sizing rather than down sizing..... and all because the manufacturers want the boots to feel like a slipper out the box when you try it on in walmart

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Walmart is selling boots now...neat!


Met pad is always my answer...but CEM is correct, let the fitter fit!

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Hey guys,
Skied on Wednesday went in to PJ on Thursday. Got a little volume added yesterday but I think that the first two days' problem was sock choice lol as much of a gaper thing that is. I thought I was safe wearing the smartwool socks that I have for te last couple years but I switched to an alpine race sock and felt ten times better
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