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Boot Dilema??????????

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So I went to a local shi shop to get skis mounted and I brought in my boots.  They're about 15 yrs old, maybe older.  I got laughed at.  They have the clamp on the back of the boot to clamp it down.  So the chic says let me see what size you  are and see what we have.  My boots are about 2-3 sizes too big because I have such an odd shaped foot (size 6.5, really wide, extremely high arch)  Ive had my boots for so long mostly cuz nobody ever has anything that fits.  Well she come back with a beat up box of head boots.  I try them on and after some adjustments they're really nice!  Not to bad and they said if I purchased them they could do more to make them fit.  So the boots are about 2 yrs old and they are the Head RS 96 SH3.  They want $250 for them.  Thoughts?



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best boot in the world is the one that fits, and without seeing your feet it is impossible to say if these ones do, if the shop guarantees their work and will make adjustments until it is what you want then no reason not to buy them, that said if you have put them on and said wow these feel perfect within a minute or two chances are they are not right (you have already told me you have wide feet and a high instep)

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Yeah I really know nothign about boots.  I just know  mine are really old, these fit well, but with some tweeks they were confident they could make them perfect.  For these model boots is $250 fair for a pair that are 2-3 yrs old?  The original sticker was $750.

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 a little older than that,  might be worth an internet search on the model to see what comes up, first thing i clicked on was offering them at $79 inc shipping..... BUT it depends on if the shop will do all the work on them for free (which is normal) compared with buying them on line and paying them to do the work...with that there is no guarantee and it could cost you a whole heap more


if they fit (which you say they do) and the shop is happy to do the work then it is probably a fair price

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Yeah they said any time I need them to adjust the boots they'll do the work.  I had a pair of skis I needed the bindings mounted and waxed.  They charged $40 for that.  I think I'll offer $200 for the boots and ski mount and see if they bite.  They are a  far superior boot to what I have now.  I know mine are 2-3 sizes too big, I probaly would never drop more than $300 on a boot so this deal might work out.  Plus they match my skis pretty well.

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