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Kitzbuhel update--tips?

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It turns out that I'll only have two days to ski in the Tyrol, this coming weekend.  I'll be staying slopeside in Jochberg. They expect powder conditions and 100% open. My ability level is USA double-black XX+ with extensive off-piste/BC experience, and I'm taking my own gear.  I won't have a car, but I guess transportation is probably available. Would I do well to just ski at Jochberg for the two days, or should I make the effort to go the 9 miles to Kitzbuhel itself (where I've never been) to ski the Hahnenkamm or whatever?





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It looks like Jochberg is connected to Kitzbuhel with a peak-to-peak gondola, and it's covered in the Kitz area ski pass, so need to leave Jochberg to leave Jochberg, if you get what I'm saying.


Looking at the piste map, you've got far too many choices for just two days of skiing http://cdn2.j2ski.com/piste_maps/o/AT/Kitzbuhel_Piste_Map.jpg. I think you're going to come out of this feeling like you've walked out of a good movie half-way through.


If the snow's really that good, see if you can hire a guide in Jochberg to take you to the best off-piste spots. He should know the best spots and, equally important, the quickest route on or off piste to get from one spot to another.

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Read these forums now and then but never felt the urge to post smile.gif but been going to Kitzbuhel for 2 times a year the last 3 years now after I and the family fell in love with it (in the past we just went different austrian ski town year after year) so I tought I should answer some of your questions

We always stay close to Jochberg ourselfs in a small hotel in Aurach but almost never start skiing in Jochberg

* a small little town with not much happening (1 great round apres ski bar at the bottom of the slope it can get crazy there if you like apres ski)

Jochberg Ski:
* to start skiing there you first take 1 small 2 seater and after that "1 anker hang lift" (no idea how to call it in english) (they have been promised a whole new lift for years but until now it's not there yet)
* the piste to go down to Jochberg is a simple red piste where you can even skip the little bit steeper parts by taking a small ski route along the piste
* the whole side left on the map the side of Pass Turn is fun and mostly verry calm since most ppl start in Kitzbuhel and Kirchberg alot never make it that far
* you can also choose to take the 3s lift to the side of kitzbuhel, there can be long waiting times there and if I remeber corectly that lift does close quite early (only took the lift 2times or so myself since my brothers girl friend is scared of taking that lift, it's really high over the vally and no lift poles in the middle it's quite a view if it's perfect weather)
* ps. don't take the Giggling (ski route down to Aurach) on a sunday or you'll be stuck taking a taxi most certainly

* well Kitzbuhel is a big town with a verry nice medieval city center (1min walk from the hannenkhamm bhan (can't miss it just follow the route down and follow the tourists or ask anyone there), there are some nice shops there and there is a xmass-market there right now so should be fun to go have a watch
* do look out the free ski busses don't drive late in the evenings (and on sundays there are alot less during the day), no idea how long they drive since we almost always take our car but there are taxis if you miss your buss (about taxi prizes I once had to take one myself when I heart my knee on a sunday and there aren't many ski busses on sundays, I payed 20euro to go from Pass Turn to Aurach (I would imagine Kitzbuhel-Jochberg would be around the same prize but I can't promise it))
* apres ski in kitzbuhel is kind of just great: at the bottom of the Streiff (hannekamm) there is the streiff alm where the girls (and boys) are always wearing lederhosen and austrian clothin (it's a greatbar to start the evening) after that I would say go to the Londoner (http://www.londoner.at/) it's just a crazy bar (ask anywhere how to get there pretty sure most ppl know where it is and it's quite close to the hannnekamm bhan but not that easy to spot if you never where there)

Kitzbuhel Ski:
* Kitzbuhel itself is quite a big and fun area but it can be a bit crowded at times (won't think it will when you are there)
* I find I'm a good skiier myself but the Streiff itself has some hard parts even for me I've done it 2-3 times, the familien abfart is next to it isn't hard at all but for some reason it's quite crowed most of the time when I'm there and we just take the Kampen to the right of it and then the seat lift to do the last part of the familien abfart (for some reason nobody takes the Kampen piste and it's just a laid back red piste that's fun just because it's such a calm piste)
* the blue 20 down to Kitzbuhel is an easy piste mostly small with alot of turns (no idea how to explain in english, it's like a small mountain road with snow ontop of it (well that's what it is) we take it only 1 time a year to go eat duck at restaurant 48 (duck = ente) wich is just great there

Kitzbuhel/Kirchberg Ski:
* the blue/red pistes down to Kirchberg/ski rast are fun and easy aswell (I'm a 95% piste skiier and almost never go off piste) (I never stopped in Kirchberg only drove trough it once and it looked like a big lively ski town/city with lots of apres ski aswell), nothing much to tell about them
*about the rest of the whole area there is alot of blue and red nothing much hard or anything, about the blacks they are steeper but in return they are skiied alot less so they end up alot more fun then the crowdy blues and reds

Kitzbhuler horn (other side of kitzbuhel see map):
* In 3 words: DON'T GO THERE (just really small not worth any of your time not even if you would go for a whole week)

=> on a shortski we do aswell every year (hehe seems I've been going 3times a year :s) we do the whole domain (every piste atleast 1 time (or almost you get the idea) in 2-3days but that's all good skiiers only stopping at noon and racing to catch the last lifts in the evening and and with some off them knowing the area for 20+ years)

=> can't help you with off piste skiing or the fun park since I don't really do those things (except some deep snow now and then between pistes but never far out)

=> about guided tours I have no experiance with it but you could try asking at the lift in Jochberg, pretty sure there is a ski shool somewhere around the parking in Jochberg (probably gonna have more luck in Kitzbuhel at the lifts or ski shools, there is a big helpfull tourist agency in the medieval city center), this might help you http://www.bergbahn-kitzbuehel.at/en/tour-and-variant-areas-in-bichlalm.html

Hope I was able to help you a bit and sorry for my bad english
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Wow! CerebralVortex and SuBoX, thank you for the phenomenal information.  I hadn't been able to find a ski map online, and it seems pretty clear that we can easily start in Jochberg where we are staying and go wherever we want via ski lift.  I LOVE vertiginous cross-valley skibahns!  I will never forget the old single-cable no-pylon gondola up the Brevant in Chamonix, many years ago. I was so scared I literally kissed the ground when I got off.  The two French ski-gendarmes on the lift with me were convulsed with laughter, and they skied with me all the way down to make sure I didn't die.


Thanks again,



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no idea if it's just legend or not but heard there is 1 gondola with a glass bottom at the 3s bhan biggrin.gif

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ROFL. Yes, I'd heard that as well. The guy who thought of that must have been a sick puppy.  Like me.  Our flight to Frankfurt takes off in 30 minutes; should be a fun trip.

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Thanks to all for the help. We had one sunny day with OK snow, one foggy day with wet cruddy snow, and one spectacular day with deep fluffy powder.  Temperatures were warm, so we mostly stayed as high as possible.  A very cool thing was that, on day 2, we were more or less the first riders on the new chairlift they put in to the top of Zweitausender, I think.  We got to the top and were met by a crowd of people singing, a brass band, and the Mayor giving a speech.  Hilarious!



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