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Telemark/Backcountry Gear

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I am just getting into tele skiing (I have been about 6 times in the past few years), and I am looking into getting a pair of tele boots and bindings (I have an old pair of Goode skis I will probably throw them on until I can get a good deal on something better end of season). I am looking to try to do about somewhere between 50-70 resort 30-50 backcountry.


I am looking at a couple options

   Scarpa T2 Eco + Telemark Bindings (not sure which yet)

   Scarpa TX (Used 2011) + ROTEFFELA NTN Freedom


Due to some sweet connections, I can get either option for an incredible price (around $450-$500) :). I am leaning towards the TX for the releasibility, and versatility (it can also fit in TLT bindings)


I am wondering if people's opinions are on 75mm vs NTN (and any major reasons not to go NTN)? And T2 Eco vs TX (if you have one, this is a little more specific). 

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No real reason not to go with the nice NTN deal you've got.  Easier to get in and out, releaseable, brakes, Tech binding capability for the boots, and I really like the way NTN skis.  I've been on NTN for 5 years now (about 90 days/year), got rid of my 75 mm gear.  YMMV, but if you decide you hate the NTN set up, it'll have much better resale value.  You can always get 75 mm gear for cheap.  


You know that the (new this year) Rotte Freedom binding retails for more than you're paying for the whole set up?  Sweet deal.

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Agree with Bob; the Freedom is a little untested (this is its first season), but initial reports make it sound great for softer snow conditions.  The Freedom should match up better with those Goodes. 

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Thanks for the help. I was able to demo the TX on the Freedoms (+Volkl Nanuq). They were incredible, by far the best tele setup I have ever been on (which isn't saying much). There was nothing steep open at Loveland, but they were stiff and stable enough for me (at 6'3" and 210) on everything I skied (The bindings had the mid stiff cartridge in them). (Un)fortunately, I didn't test out the the release on them, but I am sure it will work if I ever need it. 


I pulled the trigger on the TXs (which ended up having all new hardware and liners :) ). I am going to order the Freedoms in the next few days (I have connections at Scarpa to get the bindings cheap).

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