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Killington Instructors

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Anyone have recommendations on instructors in Killington? I'm going there in January. This is now my 3rd season skiing but I haven't taken any lessons since my first day, and I'm considering doing one to help boost my improvement again.

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Jon Lamb.  He's been there forever.  L3 certified.  Funny, enthusiastic.  Really knows how to connect in a variety of ways.

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Jon Lamb is probably Killington's most in-demand instructor.  Book soon to increase your chances of getting him.  If he's already booked, you can also ask for suggestions at a Killington-specific web forum


PS Jon's credentials go way beyond the level 3 certification that Kevin mentioned.  He is an examiner for the eastern division of the country's largest ski instructors organization (PSIA-E) and a former member of that division's "demo" team.  This means he's one of the best teachers on the East Coast at all levels from beginner to all mountain skier, including your level whatever it may be.

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Keith Hopkins (aka Hoser) is also an examiner that works at Killington. Either Keith or John will make you say WOW! about skiing.

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