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I'm new to Montreal and LOVE to ski but unfortunately don't have a car. I was always a skier but then was boarding for 7 years but bought a fresh pair of twin tips last season. I work full time and my days are very random and usually only once a week. But I have this Sunday (Dec.16) off and was wondering if anyone was heading up to a hill (any hill !!!!!) and coming back that night. I'd love to catch a ride with you so I can finally hit the hill. Gas $$ obviously will be provided and I'm a very friendly person just looking to shred. If you're interested please let me know :)

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Not from your area, but google 'meet up' groups for your area.  Likely a ski one - usually car pools.  Or run a quick ad on Kijiji.

Also google the ski hills and some of the local tour companies- some used to have an express bus to the hill and back - assuming you can get to the pick up spot. I assume these would still  exist.

Good luck  and have fun skiing


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