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New Tecnica Boot Line

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Now I am confused. I guess the stiffest boot is the Tecnica Icon XT, and the 2nd stiffest is the Icon Carbon and Icon CarbonFOam. But, they are both for racing, says the website. The Carobon has more features so maybe it's more comfy? I want performance- which boot?

Skier Type- EXPERT, going to race college
Weight- 147 pds

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There are huge fit differences between the XT, and the carbon, not to mention flexes. If you have a narrow foot, and are big, strong, heavy, and generally superman than the XT could be it. The Carbon is a great expert boot for most people, and for everyone off piste. Foam liners? If you fit in the Icon Carbon's stock liner, then why bother. If you need a foam liner for sone reason, then go for it. Just remeber a foam liner is a one shot deal, that even the best in the biz regularly screw up.
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Thx. I was at Sunday RIver today. They only had the Carbons, and I din';t read the post in time. I didn't like the Carobn fit, not the Langle L10. I loves the Atomic 10.50 race though- bought it for 445$ american. Got a ok deal. I kind of wish they had the XT's though.
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