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Ski thefts in the PNW

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A sad heads up, but DON'T leave any skis, etc... in your car over night and keep an eye on things in the racks. There's been a rash of thefts including car break ins at Crystal Mtn as well as a new one posted on FB from a friend who's a Steven's Pass regular. Some dirt bags are shopping for a lifetime of very bad karma.


One pair cross posted:


"Stolen Ski alert! If anyone see's a SCOTT- MegaDozer- 185cm with Marker Jester demo long track toe/heel. Please hold onto skis, call 911 and reference KingCo case #1228-4329. These are a very unique ski and binding set up, perhaps only one in NW.
Any help much appreciated!!!"



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I work for the Park Service and Mt Rainier has the most car break ins of any park in the region; there are an awful lot of meth addicts in those rural areas down by Rainier. So not surprising that Crystal gets targeted. But a bummer in any case. Good luck to that person with the MegaDozers.

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They're a little rare, so it's a bit different than finding a pair of S7's or Bonefides.

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