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Did I buy my k2 Extremes too short?

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Ok, so I bought some k2 extremes at sniagrab this year for $180 (pretty crazy price) in 169. I'm a Colorado skier, prett much all mountain. I love the trees and more of the back country type stuff, but I do plenty of moguls and groomers too. I also do a little park with friends. I ski copper and Mary Jane a lot, some breck and steamboat too.

Anyways, I've been skiing since I was 3, (14 years now) and I'm an advanced skier, maybe leaning a bit towards intermediate because I just don't get up as much as I want. I'm 5'8.5 and weigh 200- but I'm very athletic ( I play running back in football).

Anyways, the skis are 169s- did I get them too short? If there's every a super deep powder day I'll demo some fatties, but I fear these might be a bit short, especially because they're twin tips.
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At 5'8" and 200 pounds the 169 is probably not your ideal length for an all around one ski quiver.  It won't suck, but at higher speeds and in deeper snow you're correct to speculate that you'll want something longer.  I'm about your height and 30 pounds lighter.  The only ski I have under 178 is a 170 cm SuperShape for SL type short radius carving.


You'll still enjoy that Extreme 169 quite a bit in bumps and playing around in the park.  It will also be good in tight trees or busy, crowded slopes when you need something that reacts quickly for you.  If you're truly on the intermediate side of advanced you'll get plenty of happy days out of it.  If you're more on the advanced side chasing speed and steeper terrain you'll need a longer ski.

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Too short.  I'm 5'7", 145-150 pounds and my daily driver is a 170cm Nordica Steadfast.

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All depends if you identify w them! If you ski tight spots & bumps, you may love them.

I'm 5'9" & 140 , my daily ski is a 185. I have some new 175s & can't wrap my head around them.
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Sorry, but agree.  FWIW, I'm the same weight but a little taller, and skied the 179 several years ago and would have never considered going shorter.  Recall wishing they'd had a 184.  That doesn't mean you won't like skiing on them, you'll probably adjust fine.  Frankly, you've got them, you're not returning them, so no point in worrying about it, right?

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