spring in Montana

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Hi All,


I was researching a trip to Big Sky when I came across your trip. Considering joining you. What is typical weather/snow like so late in March?

Was in Big Sky year before last in early March, it was perfect.

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Welcome to EpicSki!  Do you ski much locally or mostly on trips out west?  Have you skied at Bridger too?


There was much discussion about likely snow conditions in late March before the dates were set for the Gathering.  Several Bozeman locals expect there will be plenty of fun to be had.  Here is a comment from one of them:




I was at Big Sky last season for a small gathering of another group.  Snow cover up top was on the thin side.  We had a great time all week any way.  Gatherings are as much about spending time with others who love to ski as it is about skiing in a destination ski area.


Did you notice the lift ticket and lodging discounts for those attending the Gathering?  Seriously good deals for lift tickets.  Deadline for pre-paying for lift tickets is March 1.