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New ski's

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Hey everyone,


Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm Olivier from belgium and I'm in dire need of a new pair of skis. After a 3 year break from skiing due to 2 acl reconstructions, I'm back at it again. Last year I skied the Elan waveflex amphibio 14 and changed them for the next trip into the atomic Theory for a more off piste orientated ski. This year I'm looking at the salomon enduro 850 xt, elan 88xti amphibio or the atomic Blackeye Ti. The reason i'm only listing these 3 is because the skishop where I buy my gear lets the customers exchange their ski's( note:with a small reduction of the initial price). So basicly which one is in your opinion the one that's best suited for me. 


Bio: I'm 22 years old I'm 6'6" ( 198cm) and I weigh in at 295 lbs(134 kg). The excessive weight comes from the fact that I didn't got do any sports for 3 years, I got into Uni in that period and that I'm just a big fellow (played Rugby at a high level for 12 years). 


Ski level: I'm hovering between advanced intermediate and an advanced skier. I prefer groomed runs, but I'm intending to venture more off piste in the future. Skiing around 30 days a year, which translated into 4 skiing trips(living in Belgium....)Like to ski "fast", and I'm not having any problems skiing "steeps"(inbounds), did Face de belvarde (and others ofc) which is supposed to be a steep inbound run in Espace Killy without problems on the Theorys last year when it was really icy.


Thanks in advance for any help you may provide, and my sincere apologies for the mistakes in my English. My native tongue is dutch.



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Welcome, your English is excellent!
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BUMP, I'm not familiar with all the skis you mention but hopefully someone will see this BUMP and have a valid point of view for you.

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I'm not quite as big, but I skied the Amphibio 14 and the Blackeye and I liked both of them.


The 88xti is getting a lot of buzz, I dont see how it could be bad, by the looks of the Amphibio 14.


Ive skied the Blackeye Ti 181 and it was a bit demanding, but very fast and grippy. I liked it a lot.



If you liked the Theory, I think the blackeye Ti would be enjoyable too. It should be also cheaper than te Elan, as the ela is a new model, while the blackeye has been around for a while.

I think all options you mentioned are not bad, and they are like 70% piste / 30% off piste.

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