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Time for UN intervention

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Yet another scandal with the leadership of the Olympic Committee

I don't know who has juristiction over the Olympic Committee, but it is time to clean the mess out. The leadership has become as corrupt and self-serving as Enron's was. The entire crew needs to be held accountable and fired.
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The TKD crowd have been the whores of the orient for the last thirty years.

Look at the "contract" thay have a "student" sign for "karate" classes. It's actuall a loan agreement with a collection agency. The "school" gets money up front betting that the student will not make it past the two month mark (most don't), when the student quits they have to pay the "educational foundation .... actually a collection agency .... for the remaining four months ...

They have a cash formula for everything to milk the $$$ from all the black belt wannabees. :
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