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Intuition Dreamliner

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Well, as an Alaskan skier I finally got tired of freezing cold feet, so I took the plunge and ordered an Intuition Dreamliner for my Head Vector 120 boots.  My boots are a 27.5, so I ordered a Med Volume size 27 liner.


Does anyone have experience with the Dreamliner?  They say they don't require heat, but is heat molding still a good idea?  I'm planning on using Superfeet insoles (not custom).


Also, with these boots I have frequent numbing of my outer toes due to blood circulation getting cut off.  Can molding the liner itself help with this problem?  Or do I need to have the boot punched / modified?



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Just to post an update for anyone who cares...


The MV Dreamliners were a little roomier than stock liners in the toe box and also felt a little longer (I ordered size 27 for 27.5 boots and use Superfeet footbeds).  This led to some heal control problems and the feeling my foot was sliding forward in the boot.  I had difficulty using toe pressure while skiing because my foot felt like it would slide around.  The calf section was notably thicker than the stock liners and also went up my shins higher... This

felt a little wierd and might have prevented me from tightening the buckles enough to get good heal control.


Ultimately, I wasn't really very happy with how they skied.  I'm returning them for the HV liner and probably will end up cooking those to get more space in the calf area and HOPEFULLY better heel control.  For your reference, I have about 1 3/4 finger width behind my heal when standing in the boot with no socks, which is right on the edge of Intuition's recommendation for MV vs HV.


On the plus side, they felt very warm and were obviously constructed well.  For me at least, they are not an "out of the box" fit though. 


PM if any non-bootfitter wants to know more or has suggestions on how to get them to ski well.

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Your boots are a 27. 27 and 27.5 are precisely the same shell.  What does your foot measure?



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