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Michelle Wie

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A 14 year old, ninth grade girl competing with the big boys! Incredible. For her to miss the cut by just one and to play with the poise and manner that she did was great to watch. I will go out on a limb and say she is gonna be good.
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ESPN did a wonderful split screen of her and Ernie Els. The similarity of their swings is amazing with the only difference being Michelle showing a little more lower back flexibility in her follow through (as should be expected). No wonder Tom Lehman nicknamed her "The Big Wiesy" (Ernie being the Big Easy).

She definitely has the potential to be a female Tiger but questions remain as to how her physical growth will impact her swing, over exposure to the game and not being allowed to be a teenager (Ty Tyron syndrome).

I think there is a very good likelyhood that given the right courses she will make the cut in a few LPGA events this year where she has a sponsors exemption and may even contend-IF she improves her putting.

Hopefully too, her coach will stuff her dad into a shag bag and leave him in the garage. : At least he is wising up and she has a professional caddy. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I believe she made the cut in 6 of 7 LPGA tournaments she played in last year and was in the final pairing on Sunday in one of the LPGA majors (the Dinah Shore, I believe).
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