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skis for a novice/intermidiate

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I am looking for a pair of skis for myself and I really don't know what to get. i want something that will make me more confident because I'm always nervous when I go fast. I'm leaning towards the 2011 K2 burnin luv but I'm afraid thats to advanced for me. 
i have been skiing for 4 years now and I'm getting a lot better so i decided i would like to get my first pair of skis. i want some thing that will last for a while. I'm a girl, 14 years old, I'm 5" 4' and i weigh 150. and i know its kind of stupid but i want something with a cool design.
I ski up at Mt. Hood ski bowl. I go on the groomed runs i have only been on green and a few blue. 
does any  one have any suggestions?
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Welcome to EpicSki!  It's great fun to get your first pair of skis.  Nothing wrong with wanting skis that are the right level and look cool.


It would help to know how you learned to ski.  Did you have lessons?  How well do the others in your family ski?  Do they have their own equipment?  How many days have you been skiing each winter?

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i learned to ski by taking lessons from a ski instructor, my mom hates skiing but my dad loves it. he stoped skiing for 30 years but last year he tried again and he's doing great. my little brother skis as well. my dad has his own equipment and my i ski about 10 days during the winter but im going to start riding the ski bus up there and going more often.

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Lucky you!  Wish we lived where there was a regular bus to get to a ski area.  I have to drive 3-4 hours to on weekends so that my tween daughter and I can go skiing on a little hill in Virginia.  She's a little younger than you.  In our case, I'm a ski nut and my husband is a non-skier.  He stays home and takes care of the cat and dog. smile.gif


You are correct that the K2 Burnin Luv is probably more advanced than you want right now.  Are you thinking mostly of an older model to keep to a lower budget?  Do you remember what length skis you were using last winter?  Although I imagine you grew since then.


How do you feel about rental boots?  Having your own boots that fit well can really make a difference, more so than skis.

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no i am not thinking of a lower model though maybe i should. i do not remember what length i had last year though i wish i did. after you made the point about the k2 burnin luv i found another ski called the 


dynastar exclusive reveal womens skis with nova exclusive afc fluid bindings 2012 


do you have an opinion on this ski?


and yes i most definitely want my own boots even more so than skis. however i have not really looked at brands to you recommend any brands? i wear i 7.5 to 8 size shoe if that helps.

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I suggest you read the articles here related to choosing boots and skis.




Getting the right ski boot is not like buying regular shoes.  The best way is to work with a "boot fitter" at a local ski shop.  Someone who can see your feet, talk to you about how you ski and what you want to do in the next few years, and offer several different boots to try.  Another advantage is that sometimes there is a spot that needs a small adjustment afterwards, which is done for free even a year or two later.  Where did your father buy his ski equipment?


I don't know that much about skis for novices.  Sometimes it takes a few days for folks to find new threads.  Hopefully others will give you some advice soon.


You might ask for advice on TheSkiDiva.com .

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thank you so much for your help!


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 Hi genbob,

 I'm not sure what type of snow your going to run into at Mt hood, if it is all hardpack you'll probably want to ignore this - if you like the look of K2 skis and are trying to keep the cost down, you might try the K2 tru luv, they have been around a while so you could easily find an older model or even a lightly used pair, they were my breakthrough ski going from tentatively skiing blues through to confidently skiing reds (european version of an easier black run) I also liked the Head cool one at the time.

 Marznc is spot on with prioritising boots over skis, a good pair of boots (ignore design for this one, fit is most important) will give you so much more confidence in your abilities as you will transmit instructions to your skis so much more effectively. Wearing sloppy boots to ski is a little like trying to type wearing mittens.

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Note that K2 changed the names of their skis for 2012.  The Supersweet may be the appropriate version for you.  Have heard good things about the Superfree for more advanced women.

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